Would you like a referendum on the current abortion legislation?

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The government passed abortion legislation on suicide grounds in July 2013. They ignored the wishes of the Irish people. Enda Kenny and the Fine Gael party gave the pro-life people a written promise before the Election of February 2011, that they would not legalise abortion.

They have broken yet another promise to the Irish people.

We think the Irish people should have a say in this crucial issue. Should the legislation be put to a vote or not and tell us why you think in the comments below.


on Apr 27, 2017
I'm 37 years old. I never believed taking a life was right, whether it was abortion, death penalty, euthanasia..etc. But what really reinforced it for me was when I was in 5th year in secondary school, one of the nuns, Sr. Anne, brought in a video of an abortion being performed and all the ways that it can be performed. I'm Catholic so I believe all human life is precious and its so important that young girls growing up now realise the same. I was shown this video in a Catholic school but I wouldn't say many others were shown same. That's what needs to change. Young girls of 16 &17 should see the reality of abortion, see the ugly severe side of it being performed, and not the media version, with their neutral words and non chalant attitudes. Why can't all Catholic schools be used as an avenue to reach that age group of girls. Last word: without bringing religion into anything, it's been scientifically proven that the heart beats at 15 days, which defines human life. Heart beats, blood pumps, breath is drawn....... a life. No one, no matter what your circumstances has the right to destroy that life.
on Apr 27, 2017
Having an abortion does not lead to "happy uninterrupted lives", not for the mother and certainly not for the child.
Jack Lawler
on Mar 6, 2017
I can't wait for the 8th to be repealed so that we can finally come out of this rut of religious shame and unnecessary suffering. Let other people get what abortions they want, it doesn't affect any of you zealots in the slightest and means that they can lead happy uninterrupted lives. What didn't have any of you to complain if a woman decides to terminate the foetus inside her if she doesn't want it and doesn't feel ready for a child? Anyone who would deny her such a choice is deplorable.
Elke MacEntee
on May 6, 2016
It starts with justifying an abortion in specific circumstances, but then spirals out of control. Next there are issues that the world currently turns a blind eye to: "partial birth abortions" and the lawful killing of babies who are perfectly viable or indeed often do survive an abortion attempt but then are left to suffer and die alone outside of the womb without receiving any care! People don't know about this or the way such babies are killed in the womb (e.g. saline solutions, injecting poison into their hearts, etc.)... and yet, some babies survive some procedures and grow up to tell their story! The doctors? They carry on with murdering and taking more innocent lives!!! So why do we not hear about this in the media? We should know about these horrific 'details' and then see how many people can actually live with the decision that this has become accepted in our society!
emma byrne
on Feb 7, 2016
Its about time abortion was banned and people stop treating pregnancy like its some sort of an illness. You have your 'choice' before you hop into bad. Its about time adults grow up.
Jean Engela
on Oct 10, 2015
For the protection of our most vulnerable, the unborn child, and as the publication 'LifeFacts: Abortion hurts women' makes clear, for women too.
John Kelly
on Aug 8, 2015
I agree that the present government parties should be voted out at the next election and that only anti abortion candidates should be voted in.
Niall McCall
on Jul 15, 2015
Without the Right to Life, all other rights are meaningless. Enda Kenny, let us vote on this really important issue.
Risteard de Roiste
on Jun 29, 2015
Protection of life how are you? Surely it is destruction of life(baby)?
on Apr 28, 2015
@Susan Mc Kenna Ah yes, instead we have ideologues forcing their agenda on everyone else. One party getting in on a promise not to bring in abortion, the other small party getting their shopping list in exchange for propping them up. Abortion is primarily a moral issue, secondly theologically (if one happens to be a theist). By the way choice to do what?
caroline daly
on Mar 9, 2015
Yes we need to give a voice to those who have none..our unborn..
Anne Maria
on Dec 19, 2014
Without a referendum the gov. can do what they like. Keith Duffy spok very well for disabled children on late late show
John O'Driscoll
on May 29, 2014
For the first time in our history it is legal at any stage of gestation, right up to birth, or partial birth, to kill a human being solely on the say-so of another human being, not to forestall any objective, extrinsic threat, but rather to forestall another human being from THREATENING to kill themselves. The effect of this is to make a subsection of our human society socially dead i.e. violently dominated, natally alienated, and generally dishonoured. History shows that this is a very dangerous place to be. If the right to life is a basic human right then it has to be afforded to ALL humans otherwise, it is not a human right, it is only SOME humans' right, and thus all our human rights are diminished.
Rachel Anderson
on May 21, 2014
I feel sorry for ANY woman who has to give birth in Ireland - ante- and perinatal care is an absolute joke, and successive governments have made it clear that they don't give a fig for women or children. The time has come for a party with a 100% pro-life policy: not just for women and children, but also for all those at risk of suicide.
Susan Mc Kenna
on May 21, 2014
I am a mother of two daughters and I believe this law did not go far enough. I believe in pro choice. This is the Ireland of long ago and women will not take men of the cloth or governments telling us what to do with our bodies. Thoses days are long gone.
Michael Kirke
on May 21, 2014
I want this law repealed. It was passed deceitfully and violently (bullying is violence).
on Nov 26, 2013
I want a referendum so we can finally bring clarity to our laws. Wish we had politicians with guts to take on the fanatics. Only then will our daughters and babies be safe.
on Aug 27, 2013
The politicians who straddle the fence by saying that they are "personally prolife but won't allow their values to dictate to others" have to be challenged too. They are taking the coward's way out. Terrified of losing a vote they try to pander to people's insecurities and the reluctance of Irish people to appear to interfere. This attitude also contributed to the continuance of institutional abuse for decades. If a politician is personally opposed to abortion why can't he or she be forthright about their reasons? Have faith in their convictions? Isn't that what they are there for? Don't their values represent those of the electorate that put them where they are?
Barry Mc Donnell
on Aug 26, 2013
This just goes to show ( Times article when the "New Guidelines" have not yet been enacted) that there was absolutely no need for any part of this legislation. The right for protection of the mother in cases where her life was at serious risk already existed. What was missing were clear guidelines, or more likely, an unwillingness from the management of GUH to take any risks, probably dictated by the HSE west legal dept. The law is bunk, the real reason for it was to introduce a grey area so that abortion on demand could be foisted on an unwitting people. This has to go
Eamon Reilly
on Aug 26, 2013
YES. This IS supposed to be a democracy, isn't it? What is the government afraid of? That the people might have their way??

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