Positive affirmation for pregnant women

All abortion referral agencies want to reach women as early as possible in their pregnancies. Not, as they often publicly claim, to benefit mothers but because the period between the eighth and twelfth weeks of pregnancy are when women are most vulnerable and unsure. The Crisis Pregnancy Agency (CPA) have provided assistance to the IFPA and others in this regard, by sending chemists around the country leaflets for display with pregnancy tests, giving the details of abortion referral agencies.

Getting to mothers at this crucial point leaves those mothers and their babies at the mercy of the abortion industry. This is a horribly clever strategy by those who believe that a baby's life can be taken for any reason.

Our response – The Your Baby and You Booklet

We put together a simply beautiful booklet called Your baby and You which was very widely circulated and highly praised. Printed in full-colour, it described in detail the growth of the baby in all its miraculous wonder through all nine months of pregnancy. It explained that a baby’s heartbeat is beating at 21 days and that each baby is absolutely unique. The booklet provided a new insight for many mothers. It also gave tips to mothers in dealing with pregnancy - positive advice, helping to develop that natural bond that exists between a mother and baby from the very beginning.


We also designed, built and launched an accompanying website to this baby-saving project called www.yourbabyandyou.org. It complemented the leaflet in providing the truth to mothers about the wonder of unborn life and the joy pregnancy can bring.

Ongoing success of this project

We’re pleased and proud to pass on the good news regarding Your Baby and You!; the project is going so well that we ordered another print run of booklets which are being sought far and wide by pharmacists, doctors, nurses and careworkers.

The guide was sent firstly to every pharmacy in Ireland and orders began to stream in from chemists and managers eager to order more.

Anecdotes also began to filter back: a chemist in Harolds Cross told a supporter that everyone who bought a pregnancy test wanted one, and from Limerick, the great news that the booklet had made abortion unthinkable for one young mother-to-be.

We then sent booklets to each maternity hospital and more copies were again the order of the day. One Cavan nurse said they were “so positive,” a compliment we were delighted to receive.

We’d like to make the Your Baby and You website more well known so that it becomes a truly positive resource for mothers and babies. But for now it is a real pleasure to see this positive pro-life information displayed in so many outlets and being made available to mothers from the time they take that first pregnancy test.