Advertisement Project Launched


On Monday, 5th March 2001, the Mother and Child Campaign launched Project Life - a new advertising campaign which consisted of 160 bus advertisements, 60 billboards and the distribution of 250,000 leaflets throughout the country. Our nationwide campaign informed the country of a crucial fact: Abortion never saves a mother’s life – it just kills a baby.


The Medical Council saw abortion as the deliberate and intentional destruction of the unborn child. This definition was significant as it addresses the area of intent, which seemed to be causing such a dilemma, whether real or contrived, to the All Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution. The definition addressed the nature of abortion, in that it is deliberate or purposely carried out, and the intent of the doctor which of course marks the difference between abortion and necessary medical treatment. A very real and deliberate attempt was made before and during the public hearings to create confusion as to this very obvious difference. As Dr Patrick Conway warned the Committee, those who want to legalise abortion are "masters at muddying the waters.” He then went on to say, "There is not a country in the world that regards the treatment of ectopic pregnancy as abortion. The only time I have ever heard it was from a few people here in Ireland. It is just nonsense."

However it was a nonsense that was being repeated again and again by members of the Committee and by the media because nine years after the X Case they had failed to convince the Irish people that abortion is a choice or a right. So instead they set out to pretend it was a necessity, not because they believed it was true but because they knew it was an effective means of scare-mongering. And so the lies began and were repeated ad nauseum; abortion was needed to treat ectopic pregnancies, mothers with HELLP syndrome, cancer of the uterus, Eisenmongers, abortion was a form of medical treatment which saved women's lives.

With that in mind we designed a full colour Billboard and bus advertisement which spelled out the undeniable truth -

Abortion never saves a mother's life. It just kills a baby

We needed to state the irrefutable fact that abortion is never medically necessary in the most public way possible. This authoritative nationwide advertising campaign - 120 Bus and 60 Billboard advertisements - struck a powerful chord not only with ordinary people who saw the pro-life message but with the opponents of a pro-life referendum such as Senator Mary Henry who in a letter to the Irish Times demanded, to no avail, that the advertisements be withdrawn. We didn’t expect any less because the campaign was uncompromising in it’s demand for a ban on abortion and in challenging the lie of medical necessity. And it angered abortion campaigners because it unmasked their real intention which is, of course, as the advertisement so clearly stated, not to save mother’s lives but to kill babies.

As part of Project Life we also designed and produced an accompanying leaflet which was   distributed on a nationwide basis; door-to-door within the constituencies, at shopping centres, churches and in town and city centres. This leaflet was an essential part of the campaign as it fully explained the message of the bus and billboard advertisements. We were delighted with the response of the public to the leaflet, having received phone calls from every corner of the country congratulating us on the leaflet, the information contained therein and as one caller put it, on “opening people’s eyes to what’s going on.


PP_PL_Billboard Launch - Launch Billboard for Project...

Launch of Project Life Advertisements

PP_PL_Billboard1 - Mobile Billboard for Project...

Mobile Billboard which was used for the duration of the campaign

PP_PL_Billboard2 - Billboard for Project Life

Billboard for Project Life in Rathfarnham, Dublin

PP_PL_BusAdvert - Bus Advertisement for Project...

120 of these advertisements where shown on Dublin busses throughout the city. The campaign lasted 2 weeks and was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Complementing the bus ads were 60 billboards while 250,000 leaflets were distributed throughout the country.