Promoting the Passion of the Christ Film

Promotion and Advocacy

Between March and April 2004, the Mother and Child Campaign organised public screenings of the Passion of the Christ film for young people, particularly those least likely to view it.

There was also an information website with a competition which saw the distribution of hundredes of free tickets to encourage people to see the film.

100,000 cards promotiong the film were distributed throughout Ireland which also encouraged people to view the website. T-shirts proclaiming the good news were designed and distributed also by the Mother and Child Campaign.

Private screenings of the film and organised school visits to the Passion were illuminating, in that they showed the powerful effect of this telling of the greatest story ever told. Many young people were moved to say that they had never fully realised the extent of Christ’s sacrifice and of His love for mankind. Many thanks to all who helped in promoting the movie. Please see for more details.

My Experience

Kate Cullen

This film is an inspired depiction of the most important event in the history of mankind. There’s no doubt about it; this is a beautifully crafted piece of cinematic art. I have never seen anything quite like it . Right from the start ,the gorgeous use of colour and sound takes us into an ancient, mysterious world. The use of dead languages was a masterstroke – they really add to the realism of the film.

This film has a powerful message; a story of betrayal, injustice, love and self-sacrifice. This is extremely well portrayed. The use of violence is not, as some might say, over the top. There is something very tasteful in the approach of this film, it doesn’t just show suffering – it shows the humanity of Our Lord. Flashbacks to earlier, happier times in Christ’s life are well timed and they really place his suffering in context.

The problem that some people have is that they want this film to tell a different story. It really shows a raw side of Christianity that is forgotten by many today. The story is a challenge to all of us, and I think that those who watch this film, and embrace it, will see that this is a masterpiece, and its message is real love. This was a truly unforgettable experience!

My Experience

Adrian O'Boyle

Well, despite all the hype behind the film, all the condemnation and the appreciation, The Passion of The Christ has finally been released. From the moment the movie begins we are immediately introduced to the sorrowful passion of Jesus as we view the traumatic emotional anguish He endures prior to His abrupt, but willing capture, under the guide of Judas Iscariot which hastily takes us into the protracted agony inflicted on Him, ceasing only at His death on the cross towards the end of the film.

Mel Gibson succeeded in presenting to us a very accurate depiction of Christ’s passion throughout the gospels. The message he portrayed, harmonious to Catholic scripture and tradition, has been subject to much unwarranted abuse.

It is clear to anyone who is familiar with the gospels that Gibson’s intent, was in no way to promote an agenda - namely the anti-Semitic charges that were made against the Passion - but to give us a visual template of the castigations Christ suffered, according to the bible, to save mankind from sin. If Mel Gibson should carry any culpability in consequence to the film, he can only be guilty of crafting a courageous and uncompromising illustration of the life of Jesus Christ. Any further modifications to facilitate opposers would only attack its authenticity.

This film grasps the viewer’s attention immediately and carries it throughout. It is a must-see for any movie goer and will be an emotionally testing film for even the hard-hearted.

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