Women have a right to know


In November of last year the Midland Health Board (MHB) brought a young mother to England to have her 23 week old unborn child killed. Very little was known about the case other than the age of the girl, the age of her baby, and that she had become pregnant while in the custody of the Health Board. This case mirrored two similar occurences during 2002 where the South Eastern Health Board and the East Coast Area Health Board each brought a young girl in their care to England for abortions. Again, the facts surrounding the cases were hard to come by but the underlying reality in all of these cases is that an Irish unborn child was sentenced to death by the State and their deaths were paid for with Irish taxes.

It is by now clear that we have a viciously pro-abortion health care system in this country. It is an unfortunate reality that the Health Boards, or at least those who make the final decisions, do not care about the lives of unborn children. Those who did not question or object to the sanctioning of these abortions are guilty by their silence. The then Minister for Health, Micheal Martin, who governed the Health Boards, and who had the power to put an immediate end to state sponsored murder, must also be held accountable.


The first phase of our plan involved focusing our attention on the women that the health boards are supposed to be caring for.

Abortion has two victims. The first is the innocent unborn child who is left dead and the other is the unfortunate mother of that child who is left wounded. Many people try to preserve the image of abortion as being simple and safe and something that should be easily available to women. Naturally, they prefer to supress recent evidence that makes it quite clear that women can, and do, suffer major physical and psychological complications after abortion. These conditions include ectopic pregnancy - which has risen disturbingly in countries since abortion became legal - uterine perforation, uterine adhesions and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). There is increasing evidence too of a link between abortion and subsequent cancers of the reproductive system, as well as colorectal cancer. Over the past 40 years, there has been overwhelming evidence of a strong link between abortion and the incidence of breast cancer among women. Many unfortunate women have also died as a result of procuring an abortion.

Among abortion's psychological effects are depression, guilt and low self esteem. Women who undergo abortions - adolescents in particular - experience a much higher rate of suicide than those who don't. It is also well established that abortion results in the deterioration of relationships between women and those who are close to them.

We completed and published the most comprehensive Irish report to date on abortion and its impact on women's health. The report clearly marks out the dangers abortion holds for women, and its assertions are supported by major internationally renowned studies that were printed in prestigious medical journals. The report is divided into two sections, physical and psychological, and contains details all of the above complications as well as many others.

This report is detailed and well researched, and we sent copy to every member of the health boards in the country. We also sent a copy of the report to all the doctors in the country and copies of the summary leaflet for their surgeries.

It was also sent to health professionals, crisis pregnancy agencies, pro-life groups and interested parties.

PP_MR_Reports - Medical Reports

Thousands of copies of the Medical Report have been distributed to doctors and health professionals throughout the country