Local Election 2014 Candidates

We asked Independent, Fianna Fáil, Direct Democracy and Green candidates ONLY if they supported the statement you can see below. The other political parties voted for the abortion act last year which legalised abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

We asked: Do you support the repeal of the legislation which permits abortion on suicide grounds, and support making Ireland a place where unborn children are legally protected and mothers get all necessary life-saving treatment in pregnancy?

This is the list of candidates whose stance deserves YOUR  pro-life vote in this election. Support is still coming in and we are still in the process of contacting independents who do not have a presence online. Therefore, the list will be updated everyday, so check back often!
THREE things to remember:

  1. Find your candidate(s) in your constituency. Contact them to let them know you'll be voting for them because they support pro-life.

  2. If your constituency has no pro-life candidate listed, please contact the Independent, Fianna Fáil and DDI candidate in your area, and tell them to contact us on 01 8730463.

  3. SPREAD the good news - tell your friends and family the name of the pro-life candidate to vote for.

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