European Candidates

There are 11 MEP seats allocated to Ireland.

We asked Independent, Fianna Fáil, Direct Democracy and Green candidates ONLY if they supported the statement you can see below. The other political parties voted for the abortion act last year which legalised abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

We asked:

  1. Do you support the repeal of the legislation which permits abortion on suicide grounds, and support making Ireland a place where unborn children are legally protected and mothers get all necessary life-saving treatment in pregnancy?

  2. Will you oppose measures in the European Parliament which seek to liberalise Ireland's abortion laws and support pro-life measures such as the One of Us campaign?

Their replies can be seen below:



A 4-SEAT constituency, it comprises of Cavan, Donegal, Galway, Kildare, Laois, Leitrim, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo and Westmeath; and the city of Galway. 



Senator Ronan Mullen has been an advocate for the unborn since his university days.  He voted against and campaigned vigorously against the abortion legislation introduced by the Labour/Fine Gael Government in 2013 and spoke strongly and consistently against the Act in Seanad Eireann

He has pledged that if elected to the European Parliament he will continue in this work and work with other MEPs across Europe to protect and advance the right to life of every human being.    



"My voting record in the EU Parliament is clear. I have always voted against abortion or reproductive rights as they are called. I am vice chair of the human dignity group in the Parliament, which supports life at all stages. I will continue to vote in the same way in the EU Parliament as before on abortion, if re elected.

I did not support legislating for abortion on the grounds of suicide."


"I support the repeal of the legislation as I did not support the adoption of the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill 2013 in the first instance. In advance of the proceedings in the Oireachtas, I contacted members of my Parliamentary Party urging them to vote against.

Since my return to the European Parliament in 2009, I have been taken aback by the quantity of amendments, tabled to both legislative and non-legislative acts seeking the acceptance of abortion. I can assure you that each and every time, I voted against these proposals as I fully respect the right to life."



"My position on this issue has been completely clear. I have always given a pro life commitment.  I voted against the legislation last year.

I will not allow the European Parliament to have any role in this issue.  It is already precluded in any event from various treaties."

Candidates who have been asked but have not responded yet:  

  • Mark Fitzsimmons IND
  • Luke Ming Flanagan IND
  • Cordelia Nic Fhearraigh Fís Nua
  • Mark Deary Green Party


A 4-SEAT constituency, it comprises the counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Wicklow.


THERESA HEANEY - Catholic Democrat Party

"I wish to confirm that I can answer a wholehearted 'YES' to both questions.
I support the repeal of legislation which permits direct and intentional abortion on all grounds including on the grounds of suicide.

I will oppose all measures in the European Parliament which seek to liberalise Ireland's abortion laws and I will support the One of Us campaign."



"On a purely personal level I disagree with that particular legislation and the suicide clause but as stated in the original mail, it is not a European issue, it is a national issue.

The second, absolutely I would oppose any such measures. There are some questions that are for a nation to decide for itself; this is one."


Dónal Ó Ríordáin - FÍS NUA

"I support the repeal of the legislation which permits abortion on suicide grounds. I will certainly oppose any measures which seek to liberalise Ireland's abortion laws. I am happy to represent pro life in Europe."


Brian Crowley - FF

"As my record shows, I have always been and continue to be, pro-life.  The European Parliament has no competency in this matter and it is a National issue which can only be altered by referendum."


Peter O'Loughlin - Independent

"On question 1, I do not believe that suicide should be grounds for abortion and would support that. In regards to dangers to the lives of pregnant mothers I believe that doctors should have the ability to determine whether an abortion takes place in situations where the mother is likely to die if the pregnancy continues as I believe that they are the only ones qualified to make that decision.

On question 2, an anti E.U. candidate who wishes to see Ireland Ireland's sovereignty returned to her and the rule of Brussels broken I will oppose any measures which seek to interfere in Ireland's national affairs.


Kieran Hartley - Fianna Fáil

"I do support this. I have never believed that suicide should be grounds for termination. I believe that at all times, that the life of the mother and child should be protected. If fortunate enough to get elected, I will oppose any plans to liberalise Ireland's abortion laws that come from the European Parliament. "


Candidates who have been asked but have not responded yet:  

  • Richard Cahill IND
  • Jillian Godsil IND
  • Jan Van de Ven Direct Democracy
  • Grace O'Sullivan Green Party


A 3-SEAT constituency, it comprises of Dublin city, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin.


RAYMOND WHITEHEAD - Direct Democracy Ireland

"The political system we promote at 'Direct Democracy Ireland' which is 'Direct Democracy' allows for the people of Ireland to decide these matters for themselves and we both believe that the majority of people in this country are against abortion as a solution to unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

We also believe that the system of representative democracy has failed and does not represent the people and that laws are being imposed from forces outside our country which do not reflect the values, morals and ethics of our nation which once spread a message of salvation through love and respect for all human life throughout Europe in the distant past.

The answer to both of your questions is Yes and Yes"

Candidates who have been asked but have not responded yet:  

  • Nessa Childers IND
  • Damon Wise Fís Nua
  • Thomas D'Arcy Direct Democracy
  • Eamon Ryan Green Party
  • Mary Fitzpatrick FF