Be the change. Vote Pro-Life

SEE the very positive result from the Vote Pro Life initiative here - 65% of candidates elected!

On May 23rd, Ireland will vote in the first public election since abortion was legalised in 2013. Last year, 100,000 voters signed a pledge never to vote for Fine Gael again if the party legalised abortion.

It's time to make good on that promise. The ‘Be the Change’ campaign will remind voters to ‘Vote Pro-Life’ in Election 2014.  
In 2009, Fine Gael polled almost 33% of the vote - just over 600,000 votes. (Turnout is low at @ 50% for local and EU elections).
100,000 voters is a very significant number then in terms of Irish elections. 

Get Leaflets!

You can order leaflets for distribution by ringing us on 01 8730465 or by email at Download the leaflet here


Election Plan 2014

  • Motivate pro-life voters: Reach 100,000 voters with our ‘Be the Change. Vote Pro-Life’ campaign card
    Grow the message: Running a powerful 'Vote Pro-Life' social media campaign
  • Indentify pro-life candidates: List candidates who have confirmed their willingness to overturn the 2013 Abortion Act, and make them known to voters
  • Maximise the pro-life vote: making sure that voters are informed and engaged



  • €15 pays for 500 ‘Vote Pro-Life’ cards
  • €50 gets the ‘Vote Pro Life ‘message to 2000 people on social media
  • €100 helps to pay for pro-life advertising at local level