Life Institute Press Releases

A sample of press releases from 2000 - 2018


2018 includes Press Release from the SAVE Campaign

Michael Martin's position on abortion "extremist"


Politicians cannot be trusted on abortion 29.01.2018
We will not be silenced 30.01.2018
Coveneny's Cabinet confusion cause concern 01.02.2018
The time for sermons is over - SAVE the 8th 04.02.2018
Cuffe's attempt to censor billboards is shameful 04.02.2018
Factcheck affirmation of abortion consequences 05.02.2018
Marie Stopes Clinics plan to set up in Ireland 06.02.2018
Repeal must change tone : Abuse  06.02.2018
Irish Medical News 'poll' is fake news at its best 08.02.2018
Hundreds at Loving the 8th event in Dun Laoghaire 10.02.2018
Harris must answer questions re funding for Yes 10.02.2018



Citizens' Assembley hearing alternative facts 04.02.2017
Abortion clinic refusal will save lives 08.02.2017
ARC should apologise for vile remarks on Peter Mathews 28.02.2017
Research shows Repeal Message has failed 03.03.2017
Abortion bus pill pushers should be arrested 06.03.2017
Fake 'Strike for Repeal' challenged as abortion support wanes 08.03.2017
Huge door to door canvass reaches thousands of people 29.03.2017
Citizens Assembly was always a farce to push abortion 22.04.2017
Research from abortion supporters cannot be trusted 18.05.2017
Welcome in fall of abortion figures 13.06.2017
Simon Harris need to prepare for referendum defeat 22.06.2017
Comment on Justin Trudeau's interference 21.08.2017
Abortion Committee a lynch mob blind to humanity 13.12.2017
Babys rights not mentioned once in committee report 20.12.2017




Labour bid desperate as politicians hear more from pro-lifers 20.02.2016   
Election showed abortion is not a priority 25.04.2016
Farcical that Assembley to repeal the 8th is included 06.05.2016
Sabina Higgins' abortion remarks 09.05.2016
Continued fall in abortion figures welcomed 17.05.2016
UN has trampled on rights of people with disabilities 09.06.2016
Wallace's bill marks babies as less than human 05.07.2016
BPAS stunt would be better focused on helping women have their babies 01.09.2016
Citizen's Assembely Charade 11.09.2016
Kildare County Council reject abortion motion 20.09.2016
Poll shows most voters reject message of repeal the 8th 07.10.2016
Event to show the reality of the 8th amendment 15.10.2016
Shocking report finds women at risk at Marie Stopes clinics 21.12.2016




Bill reveals obsession with abortion at odds with public opinion 11.05.2015    
Amnesty's abortion obsession 09.06.2015
Is this a cover up? Minister Varadkar must order review 15.06.2015
Marie Stopes Abortion Case where woman bled to death 19.06.2015
Victory in Bernie Smith Case 29.06.2015
Pro-life witness at Amnesty Conference 07.08.2015
Protesters tell Amnesty that abortion is torture 08.08.2015
EU Committee Member criticises exclusion of pro-life groups 24.09.2015
March for Choice fails to cover up reality of abortion 25.09.2015
Motion to repeal 8th is rejected by Limerick City & County Council 29.09.2015
Abortion bus playing fast and loose with women's health 19.10.2015
Amnesty's repeal the 8th video a major flop 27.11.2015
Docs signing Amnesty's letter are giving political, not medical opinion 20.11.2015
Attorney General plan to appeal abortion ruling welcomed 30.11.2015



Irish Times now admit that pro-life group did not make rape claim 02.02.2014
65% of councillors elected after pro-life vote drive 27.05.2014
MEP's urged to oppose decision by European Commission                  11.06.2014      
Decrease in number of abortions on Irish women welcomed 12.06.2014
Rally to hear abortion is 'lethal discrimination' 03.07.2014
Message to UN - supporting abortion loses you credibility 15.07.2014
Vigil of Hope for Baby Boy delivered prematurely 21.08.2014
You are not alone is message to baby in abortion case 22.08.2014
IFPA have questions to answer 23.08.2014
Kenny should be ashamed what has happened to this baby 23.08.2014
Olivia Mitchell cant have it both ways 29.08.2014
Irish Times misleading questions in poll 13.10.2014
Email leak shows abortion campaigners planned to import pills 24.10.2014
Cards and Gifts for Baby Hope delivered to Minister for Health 12.11.2014
Varadkar abortion stance is aligned with the extreme left 17.12.2014


First day of Committee Abortion Hearings                       08.01.2013       
Remarks 'disparaging to Pope Benedict' 09.01.2013
LI say support for Vigil increasing daily 14.01.2013
Oireachtas hearings are a charade 17.01.2013
FG will awaken a sleeping giant 19.01.2013
Evidence in Committee Hearings report 31.01.2013
British mental health clause abused 07.02.2013
Ganley- Clear opening for an alternative 18.02.2013
Upsetting remarks by Senator Norris in the Seanad 28.02.2013
Submission to Oireachtas Committee on Social Media 20.03.2013
Simon Coveney refuses to meet his constituents 22.03.2013
Rejection of abortion motions at IMO Conference 05.04.2013
Sunset clause will not address voters concerns 15.04.2013
Call on coroner to call neutral witness 18.04.2013
Abortion propoals a shambles 22.04.2013
Bill ignores evidence and allows direct killing without limits 01.05.2013
Kenny's attempt to hide behind constitution pathetic 07.05.2013
Doctors vote again against abortion plans 13.05.2013
Can't we not just nail Niamh Ui Bhriain to a cross 17.05.2013
Kenny fears backlash over legislation 12.06.2013
Kenny doesn't give a damn about the evidence 13.06.2013
Media get it wrong: Protestors not there about abortion 17.06.2013
Father's group protest Enda's House; major media fail 17.06.2013
FG playing the victim behind convenience of anon threats 19.06.2013
Poll shows support for free vote on abortion and a referendum 20.06.2013
Reseach shows maternal health better in Ireland 21.06.2013
Fine Gael in turmoil on abortion bill 02.07.2013
Rally Challenges Enda 06.07.2013
Let the people vote: 60,000 tell Enda Kenny no to abortion bill 06.07.2013
Government legalises the death penatly for unborn children 13.07.2013
Criticism of Senator Walsh deeply hypocritical and ironic 17.07.2013
Abortion can also kill women: tragic case may reveal truth 22.07.2013
Abortion bill is a stain on the nation 23.07.2013
Misleading headline in the Irish Times 23.08.2013
Inquiry required as Irish Times says case 'never happened' 02.09.2013
Protest calls on Irish Times to tell the truth on case 07.09.2013
Campaigners show true colours 26.09.2013
Previous abortion a cause of death 07.11.2013
Abortion bill a 'logistical nightmare' 20.12.2013




Lawyer for 'X' case is member of expert group 16.01.2012
One woman's story inspires advertising campaign 08.06.2012
TD refuses to allow pro-life views pre-empt experts 28.06.2012
Campaigners had prior knowledge of Savita's death 16.11.2012
Labour uses abortion to cover betrayal of working people 16.12.2012        
Fine Gael will be known as the abortion party 18.12.2012      
Comments on abortion inappropriate and inaccurate 19.12.2012    



Suicide Workshop: Gardai must enforce the law 15.02.2011 
Report callling for abortion "seriously discredited" 24.04.2011     




Calls to Cancel Euthanasia Workshop      18.03.2010
Minister asked to Protect the Vulnerable 19.03.2010

Nominees to Irish Supreme Court are cause of concern to pro-lifers       




Attorney General Accused of "Sell Out"    06.02.2009



Harney ignorant of Vaccine Deaths               07.02.2008



Harney and MP Bill attacked by Doctors 23.02.2007
Victory in Libel Case 17.04.2007
IMO and Doctor stand against lay majority 20.04.2007
Result of Irish Times Abortion Poll is Pro-life 17.07.2007
Thousands make submissions for Life 25.09.2007



Lack of suport for abortion                           17.10.2006
Attempts to undermine rights will be opposed 07.11.2006
Case should not be used as political football 15.11.2006



Dismay expressed at Cura Decision 07.05.2005
Outrage at Commission of Assisted Human Reproduction Report     12.05.2005          
Pensions Crisis will not be averted until measures reversed 22.09.2005
Family First Campaign Launched 04.11.2005
Tax Individualisation must be scrapped 07.12.2005



CPA Wasting Taxpayers monies                   24.07.2004



Conference on Early Human Life 23.06.2003
Court Outcome Welcomed 07.07.2003
Warning to Medical Council on Embryo Research 03.10.2003  
M&CC Reject CPA's Latest 'View'              16.11.2003



M&CC Condemn IFPA Stance 13.02.2002
Reasons to Vote No 23.02.2002
Clarification sought from Minister on E112 19.06.2002
EU Abortion Plan Condemned 02.07.2002
Abolish Tax Individualisation                       15.07.2002



New Advertising Initiative Launched            05.03.2001



Abortion Referendum Rumours Unacceptable     25.09.2000