Raising children is perhaps the most important function of the family – and it’s a job that most parents love. It’s good to share the views and experiences of other parents so we’ve got some quality pieces for mums and dads from some writers with lots of experience!

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I can remember as a kid my mom saying to me, ‘You are such a brilliant kid…but if you don’t get enough sleep God help the person who may cross your path that day’. Now my mother always told it like it was, so there was never any guessing...
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1) When traveling out-of-state to do some speaking and book signing, I happened to be behind this gentleman at the airport. His shirt caught my eye. It was such a nice sight!
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Helping a child who is scared of the dark Every parent knows that when your children sleep through the night, life is a lot easier. A broken night sleep can make the best of us tired and irritable; when it is repeated every night for a long time...
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In my experience, children do not read according to their age, but according to their intelligence and experience of reading good material. Children may be intimidated by books beyond their comprehension; this will repel them from reading.
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What is collective prayer, as practiced in our homes for generations especially at times of significance and, sometimes, hardship? Is it a troublesome duty, a commonsense practice, or maybe a recipe for a happy family life?
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I’m back! My summer break was great. I did a lot of good stuff during my offline time, but the most interesting — and unexpected — endeavor was that I painted a room. It all started with reading The Nester‘s book, The Nesting Place: It...
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If you’ve had a toddler, or even spent more than an hour or two with one, it is something you know firsthand. In addition to all the happy things that accompany the exploration and curiosity that define toddler-hood comes something pretty darned...