Does the media report fairly on pro-life events?

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Last week the Rally for Life brought more than 7,000 people together in a united call to keep Ireland abortion-free.

Many of Ireland's media outlets ignored or downplayed the Rally. In fact, it was reported on Newstalks late debate programme (6 July 2011) that several well known journalists tweeted that the rally participants "should not be allowed to march", were "anti-life" and other derogatory comments. When you consider that most of those on the rally where young families, women and children, it shows a total disregard for pro-lifers civil and human rights to protest. Is this typical of the media?

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on Nov 23, 2012
According to surveys I've read over 90% of the media worldwide (A small group control all the major media of the world. Hence the depressingly similar anti-life media bias you find everywhere) are strongly pro-aborton. Most of them also believe it is their duty to further the cause, as was the case with the civil rights movement some generations ago. Thus they have long abandoned any pretense of looking objectively at the issue and have become the propaganda arm of the liberal abortion movement.
on Sep 3, 2011
You are so awesome for heiplng me solve this mystery.

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