March 9, 2017
Woman sent to Bessborough says their pain should not be used to push abortion

A woman who was sent to the Bessborough mother and baby home has said that the pain she and other women endured there should not be utilised to push for abortion in Ireland.

Catherine had been prompted to call Corks’s 96fm Opinion Line with PJ Coogan on Tuesday, 7th March, after abortion campaigner, Ruth Coppinger, had raised the issue of the mother and baby homes in order to call for repeal of the right-to-life of preborn babies.
She said she was not impressed that people were pulling in what had happened at mother and baby homes to push for abortion.

“I don't want this utilised under any circumstances,” she said, adding that that “people hadn’t a clue” regarding what women endured and that she did not want anyone utilising their pain to suit their own agenda.
“I am healing. Lots of women are trying to heal, trying to go forward with their lives,” she said.
“There were very few women inside in those places that would have opted for abortion,” she pointed out.
The presenter agreed saying “I don’t think I would have ever have met one who would have [opted for abortion]  Catherine”.
“How dare anyone who hasn’t a bull’s notion about those places, about  what happened, speak out ….. utilising us and speaking, in inverted commas, on our behalf,” she said.
She was critical of political campaigns latching onto other people’s pain, and said that would be utilising that pain to evoke people’s compassion for a different cause.  
Catherine argued that any campaign should not have to utilise any other people or situations if they were confident of their own arguments.

Posted by: Life House
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