November 16, 2012
Email leak reveals abortion campaigners had prior knowledge of Savita Halappanavar case

The Life Institute has discovered that abortion campaigners had been given prior knowledge of the Savita Halappanavar case, and that they planned to use it to proceed with a campaign to have abortion legalised in Ireland.

Spokeswoman for the Institute, Niamh Uí Bhriain, said that they had a copy of an email conversation which revealed that abortion advocates knew about the death of Ms Halappanavar, which she said they "most distastefully described as a 'major news story'."

The email, from the Irish Choice Network and dated November 11th, advised that "a major news story in relation to abortion access is going to break in the media early this coming week."

It asked members to attend a meeting of the Irish Choice Network when they would have "more definite information around which we can make some collective decisions about how best to proceed."

"Apologies if this is all a little mysterious, but the reason why I didn't want to put specific details down by email will probably be clear tomorrow," it continued.

The ICN supported an arranged protest calling for abortion outside the Dáil on Wednesday, which then became a vigil for Savita Halappanavar once the news of her tragic death was made known to the public. Calls for legalised abortion were made at the vigil.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that serious questions now needed to be asked.

"The tragic loss of Savita Halappanavar's life should not be exploited by campaigners, and the media and the HSE now needs to ask why this information seems to have been given in advance to abortion advocates," she asked.

"Was it given to them by the Irish Times who only broke the news days later, or by someone in the HSE? And if so, why?" she asked.

"As we await the investigation into what happened in Galway University Hospital, we need to know if this private patient information was given to campaigners for legalised abortion in Ireland. And the very obvious and wholly distasteful desire of abortion advocates to use this story to further their own agenda has now been exposed by this email," said Ms Uí Bhriain.

What they really want

What they really want, and you, the taxpayer to pay for it. Abortion activists in Dublin recently.

Posted by: Life House
Comments on this Article:
on Nov 16, 2012
That is completely outrageous! Email it to the politicians.
on Nov 16, 2012
The Galway medics were in breach of their Hippocratic oaths to do no harm.

The foetus would not have suffered harm had it been removed in good time: the medics had already established that it was not viable.

But the mother was demonstrably harmed by the medics' refusal to strike a humane balance between the interests of the mother and child.
Ronan k
on Nov 17, 2012
pro abortion politicians need to tell Irish people when, and up to what stage of pregnancy, in weeks or months, they support abortion of healthy or disabled babies, i.e, the exact circumstances.
we are not hearing these facts from pro abortion polticians (or their media allies).
on Nov 18, 2012
Why don't you publish the leaked e-mail as a whole, in plain text. Press release is fine but it would be better if we could read the text itself.
on Nov 18, 2012
The politicians are letting both sides down with craven politics. They promise clear answers with the X case, yet they keep everyone on the fence for 20 years. Are we meant to wait another 20 years out of decorum, or do we want to push them for legislation right now?
Greta Wagner
on Nov 20, 2012
I still don't understand why this woman was not helped through this miscarriage? Exactly why did she die and what were her wishes? I still don't get it.
on Nov 21, 2012
So what if they did? How does this change the substantive issue? More smokescreen nonsense.
Robert Guinan
on Nov 22, 2012
Ms. Ui Bhriain thank you for the social grace you always show. You are an inspiration to young woman like my daughter who is studying to be a nurse. There seems so little interest in the "full" story of abortion. We know a woman who recently had serious complications from an abortion. Also, look at America. It's never been more divided. Sure, the anti-life bullies are winning but at a devastating cost to society. How could any government insure equal rights for all ever again, once they say some don't matter? Abortion may solve one problem (if you look at it that way), but it creates so many more.