1995 Abortion Information Act

In 1995 the Fine Gael/Labour coalition proceeded with the Regulation of Information (Services outside the state for termination of pregnancies) Act, 1995 which it claimed was necessary to enact the Information Amendment of 1992. The Minister who charted the Bill, Michael Noonan, stated that the Bill specifically prohibited abortion referral. Fianna Fail, however, the party which had proposed the amendment in the first place said they believed that the provisions of the Bill did allow for de facto abortion referral and voted against it on its first reading in the Dail.

Despite a vigorous campaign by all the pro-life groups with strong public support the Government forced the Bill through and it has since become law. There is strong evidence to suggest that it has resulted in an increasing number of Irish abortions.

H_1995_MNoonan - Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan, then Minister for Health, enacted the Regulation of Information Act