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Do you think an existing human right should be put to a vote via a referendum?

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Would you like a referendum on the current abortion legislation?
Do you trust the government to set up an independent committee to look at abortion?
Should the EU now also STOP funding of embryo research?
Should the Irish government tell the UN to 'back off' on calls to legalise abortion?
Should images of aborted children be used to help convince people that abortion is wrong?
Does the media report fairly on pro-life events?
To prevent a population implosion, countries need to positively support families
The European Court should rule that abortion destroys human life.
Our government should fund ethical stem cell research only?
Should motherhood and childbearing be affirmed rather than feared?
Should a law be enacted that would ban starvation & dehydration of terminal patients?
Should IVF be used to create only smart babies?
Should taxpayer-funded IFPA be allowed to help with foreign attacks on our pro-life laws?
Should Philip Nitschke been allowed on the Late Late show to promote assisted suicide?
Should Fine Gael avoid going into coalition with the Labour Party?
Should human life be legally protected from the moment of fertilisation?
Do you like the look of the new Life Institute website?