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The abortion bill must be amended - help us raise as many voices as possible for changes

First thing on the agenda for the government when the Dáil resumed was abortion.

Harris has no money for cancer patients or children with scoliosis, but he wants to offer FREE abortions to as many women as possible. Read our comment on that here

But Harris is also making a big mistake. Many people who voted Yes would actually OPPOSE a lot of the most extreme elements of this bill. And the 723,632 people who voted NO are certainly against it.

So please help our new campaign to demand amendments to this cruel abortion law. Can you give €50 TODAY to make this happen.

We must ensure at a MINIMUM that -

  • abortion on disability grounds are outlawed
  • doctors and nurses are not forced to aid and abet abortions
  • aborted babies are not sold for body parts

We need to organise on social media and across our networks, but we are flat broke after the referendum. Can you spare €50 to get this campaign going TODAY?


There are several ways you can donate:


  • Donate on-line : Donate with Paypal
  • Donate by phone : Please call us on 353 (01) 8730465 to donate via credit card
  • Donate directly to our referendum account:  IBAN No: : IE28 AIBK 9321 0818 7921 89  and BIC No: AIBKIE2D

A screengrab of the headline in the Irish Independent with Harris's proposals