Vote Pro-Life in GE2016

Results of Election 2016



The Project

In Election 2016, we need to VOTE PRO-LIFE – and we aim to reach 700,000 voters with the #VOTEPROLIFE message. The 8th Amendment is under sustained attack and we need to use our votes to ensure the pro-life majority is represented in the Dáil. So we need YOU to:

  1. Find out where your candidate stands by checking our list on the left hand menu here – and let your friends and family know who their pro-life candidates are
  2. Order some of our Vote Pro Life leaflets to distribute in your area by ringing us on 01 8730465 or by email at
  3. Share the information from our FB page on social media or direct your family and friends to our Candidate Listings here on the left hand side


Election Plan 2016

  • Motivate pro-life voters: Reach voters with our election leaflets
    Grow the message: Running a powerful 'Vote Pro-Life' social media campaign
  • Identify pro-life candidates: List pro-life candidates and make them known to voters
  • Maximise the pro-life vote: making sure that voters are informed and engaged


Voters Checklist



Some Samples of Social Reach