National Canvass Day

The good news is that the Life Canvass has now reached more than 130,000 homes, however, we still have a mountain to climb. So we are asking you to mark your calendar for March 28th  – the day we hope to get EVERY pro-life activist out on the biggest Life Canvass yet as we talk to the nation about why we must Save the 8th and protect mothers and babies from abortion.

So we’re planning March 28th as a major event, to maximise the number of people out on Canvass and keep building the tremendous momentum to save the 8th. As we all know, a referendum on the 8th amendment is likely to take place in the next 12 to 18 months, and we MUST grow the Canvass if we are to ensure the majority of people know that to Save Lives we MUST Save the 8th .

A recent opinion poll for the Irish Times showed that, despite the blanket media support for abortion, and the millions of dollars coming in from abroad to fund abortion campaigners, most Irish people don’t want abortion on demand in Ireland. In fact, most people – some 73% of those polled – are leaning pro-life, but many have questions, and we need to answer those questions.
So SAVE the date to save the 8th. On March 28th, join us for the spectacular National Canvass Day. Be part of it.