30,000 strong: why it’s so important that the Rally for Life crowd DOUBLED expectations

What a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring day. The sun shone on 30,000 people who packed O’Connell Street for the Rally for Life, and they came in their droves to send a strong, powerful message to the government – we want our mothers and babies to have constitutional protection from abortion. We were expecting a crowd of […]

The pro-life and proud generation stands out at Rally

Last weekend I headed to the All Ireland Rally for Life took place in Belfast this year. It’s a wonderfully upbeat affair, a real celebration of Life, and a riot of colour with masses of banners, balloons, kids in t-shirts, music and a general air of festivity. It was a great day: after 7 years […]

Pro-life activists are putting up with hate and bigotry for many years now

Eoghan de Faoite sent this letter to the Irish Catholic following David Quinns article on ‘The new sectarianism’ 2nd March 2014 Dear Editor, David Quinn’s article ‘The new sectarianism’ (February 27th) highlighted the intolerance, verbal abuse, threatened physical abuse and media hypocrisy that has been displayed towards him and the Iona Institute in recent months. […]

The 5 best pro-life moments of 2012

This has been the worst of times and the best of times. The worst because Enda Kenny, to his eternal shame, has broken the pro-life promise he made to the Irish people, and wants to introduce abortion into Ireland.

Vicious and dishonest: Irish media sink to new low on rape and abortion

Many Irish people were previously unaware that a controversy arose this week when a US politician, Todd Akin, spoke insensitively about rape victims while answering a question about abortion. Mr Akin provoked a storm when he said in relation to abortion and rape that: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to […]

Abortion is not the answer – and neither is censorship

Irish abortion campaigners are currently in a tizzy about a new pro-life awareness campaign produced by Youth Defence and the Life Institute. They’re orchestrating complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and issuing press statements describing pro-life billboards as ‘offensive’.

Beautiful Christmas vigil in city centre makes pro-life message heard

Last Saturday, we piled the small girls into the car and headed into the pro-life Christmas vigil organised by Youth Defence and held in the busy thoroughfare of Dublin’s O’Connell Street. The city centre was packed with shoppers, Christmas lights and glitz were everywhere and a cold snap made everything seem frosty and festive.

Blog: 118,000 views: Why Social Media is the new pro-life frontier

Sometimes it seems as if social media is taking over the world, but, while the internet has its critics, one thing is certain, it’s given the pro-life movement an outlet to answer media bias, political censorship, and unfair negative attacks from the abortion industry. Millions of of people around the world, are using Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, and are learning more and more about the pro-life message as we get better at using the net.