Keep the momentum for life alive

‘I’m saying very clearly that if this legislation legislates for suicide being a grounds for a termination, then I can’t support it.” Brian Walsh, Fine Gael TD “Legalising the direct and intentional destruction of the life of an unborn baby can never be described as ‘life-saving’ or ‘pro-life’.” Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference “This Bill has […]

Prime Minister’s ‘Welcome’ to Ireland, Unwelcomed by Irish-Americans

Ireland has long been the world leader in maternal health and respect for women, but now the Irish government has launched a vicious attack against women, exploiting them to build a case for brutal abortion legislation. As an Irish-American, I have always admired “my people” for remaining steadfast in their respect for all human life, […]

NO LIMITS: The cruel, archaic and unacceptable reality of Ireland’s abortion proposals

The government has produced an Abortion Bill that is cruel, archaic and utterly unacceptable. It proposes to legalise the direct and intentional killing of unborn children in Ireland for the first time. There will be no term limits – this is abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. And abortion will be legal on suicide […]

You MUST watch this: New video demolishes the case for abortion on suicide grounds

Want to see proof that abortion is not a treatment for suicide? Take 2 minutes to watch this vitally important new video which uses the evidence of medical experts to demolish the case for legalising abortion on suicide grounds. WATCH it, SHARE it, LIKE it, COMMENT on it! The video, released today by the Life […]

Legal views at hearings mostly lack compassion or sense of equality

The recent Oireachtas Committee hearings on abortion heard submissions from three legal practitioners, Ciara Staunton of NUIG, Jennifer Schweppe of the University of Limerick, and Simon Mills who, as well as being a barrister, is also a qualified doctor, though not an expert in maternal healthcare. As well as giving their views and perspectives, Mills presented a draft abortion bill to the Committee.