The UN should be looking to follow Ireland’s progressive and compassionate stance on abortion

WE ARE HEARING, with increasing regularity, that the United Nations is insisting that Ireland must legalise abortion. Since the primary mission of the UN is to protect human rights, this seems more than a little strange because you cannot, in my view, be a genuine human rights defender while calling for some human beings to be […]

Simon Harris has money for abortion compensation but not for homeless pregnant women

Simon Harris, the Health Minister who recently professed his thanks to an Irish woman who tweeted her abortion, has offered €30,000 of taxpayer’s funds to another woman who went to the UN to challenge abortion laws. This has been lauded by the entire media establishment as compensation due for being ‘forced’ to travel abroad to […]

How Amnesty betrayed its members to push abortion

Amnesty International is currently putting enormous energy and resources into a pro-abortion campaign in Ireland, which is extremely one-sided and selective in its presentation of the facts. This campaign was launched despite the fact that the Irish section members of Amnesty International made it clear in the “consultation” of 2005-7 that they did not want […]

Has Ireland ‘rejected’ UN calls to legalize abortion? That remains to be seen

Like most Irish people, I welcomed the Irish government’s rejection of calls made at a major UN hearing for Ireland to legalize abortion.However, it is important to understand that the government has also committed Ireland to acting on the recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in a case which was designed to smash Ireland’s abortion laws.

‘Your rights’ report is now discredited and exposed

The ‘Your Rights. Right Now’ report which caused so much controversy in the past week is just 11 pages long, with 16 pages of additional notes. An average of fewer than 13 people attended the public consultation meetings on the report. It makes very few recommendations, only 17 in total, yet one of those is given over to a demand for immediate action by the government to ensure abortion is legalised in Ireland. What kind of human rights advocates see the killing of children as an answer to anything? And who would endorse such a report?