10 pro-life reasons to cheer in 2017

1. Pro-life Unity for the Life Canvass The long-sought for unity for the pro-life movement took a huge step forward as most of the major pro-life organisations have come together to make sure that the Life Canvass has the biggest impact possible to Save the 8th. This was fantastic news for the Life Canvass, as […]

A death sentence: how the Abortion Committee voted to legalise abortion

It comes as no surprise that the openly rigged and biased Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment has voted in favour of abortion on demand. It was a foregone conclusion, since the panel was stacked with pro-abortion politicians from the outset, and it heard almost exclusively from pro-abortion witnesses. The Committee was previously referred to […]

The changing positions of Varadkar and Harris on abortion

Simon Harris has had more positions on abortion than there are episodes of Big Bang Theory and he has proclaimed them all in public with the air of a man informing the electorate of a deeply held moral principle. The only person who has flopped this flip as almost as much is his current boss, […]

Why Saturday’s National Life Canvass Day shows we will win this referendum

Last Saturday, along with hundreds of other people across the country, I joined the Life Canvass going door to door in the winter sunshine to save the 8th. It was the second National Life Canvass  Day and everywhere there were more teams, more canvassers, new volunteers and more people reached with the pro-life message. Just […]

The UN should be looking to follow Ireland’s progressive and compassionate stance on abortion

WE ARE HEARING, with increasing regularity, that the United Nations is insisting that Ireland must legalise abortion. Since the primary mission of the UN is to protect human rights, this seems more than a little strange because you cannot, in my view, be a genuine human rights defender while calling for some human beings to be […]

Stop the Fake News: It’s not true that a woman was locked up for seeking an abortion in Ireland

The headlines were dramatic, and wholly misleading, but when it comes to abortion unfortunately this sort of fake news reporting has become the new standard in Ireland. So first, let’s set the record straight: a child was not locked up for seeking an abortion in Ireland, and nothing in Irish law would permit any woman […]

Be ready to Vote!

In the event of a Referendum on abortion, every vote will be vital. Are you ready if and when a vote is called? Some may not be registered to vote, or may have moved house but not applied to change their place of voting.  Registering is easy and forms for a first time voter are […]

Fake news around pretend ‘Strike’ for Repeal is the norm for mainstream media

You may have seen that media commentators are in a major tizzy about something called ‘fake news’, which they say is having an influence on public opinion, and that this is a Very Bad Thing. The irony here is that fake news is nothing new in the mainstream media, and the breathless reporting on the […]