The changing positions of Varadkar and Harris on abortion

Simon Harris has had more positions on abortion than there are episodes of Big Bang Theory and he has proclaimed them all in public with the air of a man informing the electorate of a deeply held moral principle. The only person who has flopped this flip as almost as much is his current boss, […]

How to Love Your Pro-Choice Enemies

We were walking along the street, side by side, mid-way through my first week as an office junior at a important firm in the heart of a large cosmopolitan city. That’s when my eighteen year old colleague Caitlyn (not her real name) started asking about my sex life before I was married. I was naturally […]

Politicians in Stormont showed courage on abortion issue – we should ask the same of those seeking the Dáil

Two weeks ago, politicians in Stormont voted down two proposals to make abortion available in the north where the baby was either conceived by sexual assault or had a severe disability – a so-called ‘fatal, foetal abnormality’. The measures were decisively defeated. The proposal to allow abortion where a baby has a severe disability was […]

The abortion debate: Quitting Semantic Gymnastics

There’s a lot going round at the moment regarding abortion. In some ways, it is never far from the surface, either because some people are demanding more of it or others are demanding less of it. Its not an argument that lends itself to moderation or compromise. We had the situation of Savita Halappanavar here […]

Today you can Be the Change. Vote Pro-Life

Last month at the National Convention for Life we talked about the need to Be the Change: to undertake to committed pro-life action until the abortion act is overturned and mothers and babies protected once more. Today you can be the change by making sure that you are informed before you go to vote – […]

Of all the causes to choose, why pro-life?

One of the most common questions we as pro-lifers get asked is why we have chosen to engage in full-time pro-life work. Of all the career paths to choose, why choose to take a job that consists of long hours, a low salary, and antipathy from the general public? Why this issue? Why this cause? […]

When governments kill

Why is it that left-wingers suddenly develop an ironclad belief in government non-intervention—only when we’re talking about endorsing and funding the practice of suctioning, chemically poisoning, dismembering, and otherwise dispensing with the youngest human beings in our society? It would be amusing, I think, if it wasn’t so murderously morbid. I’ve been on the road […]

An ordinary life

The other day, LifeSiteNews writer Hilary White posted an interesting question: “A question that has been haunting me lately: given what we know, given what is happening in the world, what business do we have pursuing a quiet, ordinary life?” That depends, I suppose, on your definition of quiet and ordinary, but it reminded me […]