According to pro-aborts, even pictures of babies in the womb are “graphic images”

Pro-lifers uncomfortable with most forms of educational outreach often pinpoint their discomfort very specifically on one thing: Abortion victim photography makes people upset. There are a variety of responses to this, of course—images of abortion victims should make us upset, because little human beings are being physically torn limb from limb. But often, I point […]

8 ways to participate in the March for Life every day

The March for Life (in whatever country you come from!) comes but once a year. People travel across the country to participate in the most important human rights rally of our time. We just commemorated the 43rd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade SCOTUS decision this past Friday, and we were reminded that enough is […]

The media is pro-abortion. Here’s how to make them spread the pro-life message

Never has there been a time when people have access to so much information, but only seem to receive or peruse information that confirms their own worldview. Almost every politicized event, from Ferguson to the Planned Parenthood exposé videos to everything Donald Trump says is viewed through the lens of one’s pre-existing ideology. Cops are […]

When governments kill

Why is it that left-wingers suddenly develop an ironclad belief in government non-intervention—only when we’re talking about endorsing and funding the practice of suctioning, chemically poisoning, dismembering, and otherwise dispensing with the youngest human beings in our society? It would be amusing, I think, if it wasn’t so murderously morbid. I’ve been on the road […]

An ordinary life

The other day, LifeSiteNews writer Hilary White posted an interesting question: “A question that has been haunting me lately: given what we know, given what is happening in the world, what business do we have pursuing a quiet, ordinary life?” That depends, I suppose, on your definition of quiet and ordinary, but it reminded me […]

A year abroad: what I learnt volunteering for pro-life in Ireland

After spending a year volunteering in the pro-life movement in Ireland and then having a nice long vacation, I finally made it home to New York. My first week at home I spent organizing my life … specifically all of my things. Doing that made me reflect on the past year, which was the most […]