Family Court judge orders forced abortion

This story is truly disturbing. According to the Huffington Post UK: “A ‘very damaged’ 13-year-old girl was ordered to have an abortion by Britain’s most senior family judge, it has been revealed. The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was impregnated by a 14-year-old boy and initially wanted to keep her baby.” That’s […]

Abortion for Reality TV? It’s a woman’s Right to Choose

Recently, a ‘reality star’ in the UK caused consternation when she announced that she was going to abort her 17-week old unborn baby in order to ‘become famous’. Josie Cunningham has since, thankfully, changed her mind because she felt her unborn baby kicking, but most of the furore surrounding her interview missed the point. The […]

Gimme Shelter and the Choices We Make

Every day we make choices. Some choices don’t really affect anything in our lives, while others have the capacity to shift our life in a whole new direction Gimme Shelter is all about the choices we make. The film starts off with Vanessa Hudgens standing in a bathroom, chopping off her hair saying, “I’m not […]

New paper says ‘lethal anomaly’ not a medical prognosis

What we say, and how we choose to use language, is of crucial importance. Parents of terminally-ill children, already in shock and distress at an unexpected diagnosis, can be left reeling at the use of phrases such as ‘incompatible with life’. I’ve been told by parents in these situations that the use of these terms […]

‘Our babies had a right to life’: be part of a new voice for parents facing a fatal diagnosis for their baby

In the past month I’ve had the most profoundly moving and inspiring conversations of my life. I’ve been talking to parents who faced the worst news possible: that their babies were terminally ill and would not live for long after birth, if they lived at all. They know that abortion is never an answer.

Science shows unborn children benefit their mothers

When I was expecting our second baby, I felt great. Minimal morning sickness, lots of energy, and so much joie de vivre it was positively annoying. Compared to the first time around it was a doddle, but, even more than that, I felt as if I was positively benefiting from carrying this little person about, kicks and aches and all.

Bella star plans huge pro-life clinic

Pro-life Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui, the star of the “Bella,” who opened a pro-life clinic nearly a year ago, officially announced his plans this week to make it the largest clinic for women in the United States.

He colours my life

I am the mother of a beautiful boy with Down’s Syndrome who was born three weeks early (in The Shelbourne Hotel, as I was told 1 hour 20 mins previously by the National Maternity Hospital that I was not in labour, but that is another story!) My reason for writing this is because society now […]