The media’s attack on the ultrasound fails the test of both history and science

It is common knowledge in the pro-life movement that the “pro-choice” media is, for the most part, “pro-abortion.” This is not an attempt to demonize their motives, but simply the only rational conclusion that observation can produce. Consistently, the media and their abortion industry allies portray legislation that would give women more information—informed consent, information […]

Disingenuous spin from Peter Boylan should not deflect hospital from refusing abortion

Dr Peter Boylan is an experienced and expert obstetrician. His views on maternal healthcare should be respected. When he veers into political commentary, however, he has shown himself capable of coming out with the most disingenuous spin. Take the remarks he made recently following Fr Kevin Doran’s comments that the ethos of the Mater Hospital […]

Did Komen back down? Why this may yet be beginning of decline for Planned Parenthood

The pro-aborts were jubilant. After three days of absolute media hysteria, it seemed that Susan G. Komen had caved. The cancer charity seemed to have reversed their decision to defund Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider. The question many people were asking was why?

BLOG: Komen dumps Planned Parenthood – it may just be the first of many

The marvellous Jill Stanek has a most interesting post on her blog about the great news that a major cancer charity has dumped Planned Parenthood (PP).

Bella star plans huge pro-life clinic

Pro-life Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui, the star of the “Bella,” who opened a pro-life clinic nearly a year ago, officially announced his plans this week to make it the largest clinic for women in the United States.