The media’s attack on the ultrasound fails the test of both history and science

It is common knowledge in the pro-life movement that the “pro-choice” media is, for the most part, “pro-abortion.” This is not an attempt to demonize their motives, but simply the only rational conclusion that observation can produce. Consistently, the media and their abortion industry allies portray legislation that would give women more information—informed consent, information […]

Here’s why the Irish branch of Planned Parenthood won’t be asked about selling body parts

Planned Parenthood have been caught on video having the most vile, horrific and disturbing discussions possible as they arrange how to best harvest body parts from aborted babies. Senior figures in the global abortion business are seen discussing the best way of  killing a baby to make sure the ‘crushing’ is done above or below […]

It should have been called ‘Abortion: Britain’s guilty secret’

Tonight RTÉ will show a documentary made by the BBC and entitled ‘Abortion: Ireland’s Guilty Secret’. As you’d expect from that loaded title, it’s largely a one-sided promotion of abortion, with a large dollop of British self-righteousness as the Irish people are castigated for thinking we can do better for both mother and child than legalising […]

#JeSuisCharlie? I think not.

I can understand why #JeSuisCharlie lit up the internet. The shootings at Charlie Hebdo were both horrifying and terrifying and people everywhere wanted to show support and solidarity, to stand for freedom and for freedom of expression. And yes, I can believe that many journalists and politicians felt a genuine desire to express their shock […]

Media claims Irish ‘Vote Pro-Life’ drive is grilling politicians

For the last month, a special initiative to raise up Irish pro-life voters has been providing crucial information to the electorate about how to make their pro-life voice heard in Election 2014. Not surprisingly, the Sunday Times has claimed that the Vote Pro-Life drive, organised by the Life Institute, was ‘grilling’ politicians as to their […]

How to legalise abortion with lies, bullying, ignorance and stealth

1. Get Planned Parenthood to take a dubious court case to Europe and pay for it with Irish taxes. This is what kicked it all off; ABC v Ireland at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The court ruled in favour of ‘C’, a cancer patient who said she was unclear whether she could […]

Vicious and dishonest: Irish media sink to new low on rape and abortion

Many Irish people were previously unaware that a controversy arose this week when a US politician, Todd Akin, spoke insensitively about rape victims while answering a question about abortion. Mr Akin provoked a storm when he said in relation to abortion and rape that: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to […]