Why Saturday’s National Life Canvass Day shows we will win this referendum

Last Saturday, along with hundreds of other people across the country, I joined the Life Canvass going door to door in the winter sunshine to save the 8th. It was the second National Life Canvass  Day and everywhere there were more teams, more canvassers, new volunteers and more people reached with the pro-life message. Just […]

30,000 strong: why it’s so important that the Rally for Life crowd DOUBLED expectations

What a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring day. The sun shone on 30,000 people who packed O’Connell Street for the Rally for Life, and they came in their droves to send a strong, powerful message to the government – we want our mothers and babies to have constitutional protection from abortion. We were expecting a crowd of […]

The 5 best pro-life moments of 2012

This has been the worst of times and the best of times. The worst because Enda Kenny, to his eternal shame, has broken the pro-life promise he made to the Irish people, and wants to introduce abortion into Ireland.

New paper says ‘lethal anomaly’ not a medical prognosis

What we say, and how we choose to use language, is of crucial importance. Parents of terminally-ill children, already in shock and distress at an unexpected diagnosis, can be left reeling at the use of phrases such as ‘incompatible with life’. I’ve been told by parents in these situations that the use of these terms […]

Vincent Browne, the C case, and the ongoing abortion cover up

Last week I was a guest on the popular TV3 programme, Tonight with Vincent Browne, to discuss Ireland’s pro-life laws, and the potential rift arising in the government on the abortion issue. Abortion campaigners have spent the last two months growing ever more apoplectic at the efficacy of the advertising campaign produced by Life Institute/Youth […]

Abortion is not the answer – and neither is censorship

Irish abortion campaigners are currently in a tizzy about a new pro-life awareness campaign produced by Youth Defence and the Life Institute. They’re orchestrating complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and issuing press statements describing pro-life billboards as ‘offensive’.

‘Our babies had a right to life’: be part of a new voice for parents facing a fatal diagnosis for their baby

In the past month I’ve had the most profoundly moving and inspiring conversations of my life. I’ve been talking to parents who faced the worst news possible: that their babies were terminally ill and would not live for long after birth, if they lived at all. They know that abortion is never an answer.

Beautiful Christmas vigil in city centre makes pro-life message heard

Last Saturday, we piled the small girls into the car and headed into the pro-life Christmas vigil organised by Youth Defence and held in the busy thoroughfare of Dublin’s O’Connell Street. The city centre was packed with shoppers, Christmas lights and glitz were everywhere and a cold snap made everything seem frosty and festive.