Bringing Ireland Back to Life

Despite huge public opposition, and against the medical evidence of our best experts, Enda Kenny has forced through abortion legislation in Ireland. This law is an unjust law and has no moral authority. It will not stand. We will not let it stand. It has been a gruelling ten months, yet the pro-life movement is […]

What I Saw at the Largest Pro-Life Rally in Irish History this Week

Ireland truly is a light to the world. The foundation of the country is steeped in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and it is one of the last remaining countries in the world to uphold a ban on abortion. But recently the Irish government began moving forward plans to dismantle the protection of the […]

Keep the momentum for life alive

‘I’m saying very clearly that if this legislation legislates for suicide being a grounds for a termination, then I can’t support it.” Brian Walsh, Fine Gael TD “Legalising the direct and intentional destruction of the life of an unborn baby can never be described as ‘life-saving’ or ‘pro-life’.” Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference “This Bill has […]

NO LIMITS: The cruel, archaic and unacceptable reality of Ireland’s abortion proposals

The government has produced an Abortion Bill that is cruel, archaic and utterly unacceptable. It proposes to legalise the direct and intentional killing of unborn children in Ireland for the first time. There will be no term limits – this is abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. And abortion will be legal on suicide […]

Enda Kenny’s kamikaze mission on abortion

(A version of this article appeared in The Journal) A second opinion poll in rapid succession shows that public support for Fine Gael is now on a downward spiral, and that the party has now been overtaken by Fianna Fáil. The figures are startling: Fine Gael, who almost won an overall majority in 2011, have […]

Abortion Bill would lock up pro-life counsellors: allow abortion without consent

Barrister Joanna Higgins has produced an excellent analysis of the Medical Termination Bill being brought before the Dáil next week by Clare Daly, Mick Wallace and other abortion supporters.