Is Howlin’s bill only targeting  pro-life counselling?

Labour leader, Brendan Howlin has brought a Private Members Bill – The Health and Social Care Professionals (Amendment) Bill 2016 – before the Dáil which aims, he says, to  regulate what the media likes to describe as ‘rogue’ crisis pregnancy agencies. During the discussion around the Bill in the Dáil, however, it was perfectly clear, […]

Election 2016 brings positive news for pro-life cause to #ProtectThe8th

Before Election 2016 was ever called, Labour’s Aodhán Ó Ríordáin declared that, if voters wanted abortion on demand legalised in Ireland, they were the boys to do it. His party then did their utmost to put abortion at the centre of the election. With ever-increasing stridency, they promised again and again to be the party […]

SIPO: One law for pro-life and another for pro-aborts?

Every so often, one of the Irish media outlets will try to resurrect an entirely manufactured controversy about pro life groups not being registered with the political regulator, SIPO. To the interest of almost no-one at all, they will print column after column shrieking about various red herrings such as sources of funding. It’s all […]

‘Can we not just nail Niamh Ui Bhriain to a cross in the middle of O’Connell St’ – pro-abortion abuse ignored by media

Today the Life Institute called on the Meath TD Regina O’Doherty to produce the email she says came from a pro-life source threatening her life, so that the facts can be determined by the Gardai. Let me be clear: any threats of violence are appalling, on any issue, and are not a part of any […]

NO LIMITS: The cruel, archaic and unacceptable reality of Ireland’s abortion proposals

The government has produced an Abortion Bill that is cruel, archaic and utterly unacceptable. It proposes to legalise the direct and intentional killing of unborn children in Ireland for the first time. There will be no term limits – this is abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. And abortion will be legal on suicide […]

Why the attempt to censor Cardinal Brady and other pro-life voices has backfired on Labour

Labour’s attack on Cardinal Seán Brady following his public affirmation of the Catholic church’s opposition to abortion was not remotely surprising. In the past six months the Labour Party have repeatedly tried to censor pro-life voices, and to deny the Irish people a say on the abortion issue.