At the pro-abortion Action on X meeting: rants and one magical moment

As a prelude to my Lenten penance, last Tuesday evening I attended the widely advertised Action on X Public Meeting in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin’s city centre. The significance of what was said at the meeting for pro-lifers such as myself cannot be condensed and conveyed in one succinct blog post. Therefore, for the purposes of this first part, I, as a pro-life male, will focus on the male interventions and the one magical pro-life moment at the meeting. This, I am sure, is all I am fit for in the eyes of the feminist fundamentalists and abortion absolutists who were running the show.

20 years after X: What we must do now to KEEP abortion out of Ireland

Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute has an important article on LifeSiteNews this week. She explains why abortion legislation was not brought forward in the aftermath of the X case, points to the current global push to see abortion legalised in Ireland, and explains what we need to do now to stop that happening.

UCC survey claims 60% of medical students favour euthanasia

An article in the Irish Times recently claimed that a survey showed almost 60% of medical students in University College Cork favoured euthanasia.

Wallace abortion call exposes rank hypocrisy of ‘pro-choice’ campaigners

Last week, Youth Defence broke the news that Mick Wallace, the Wexford TD, had made a strident call for abortion to be legalised in Ireland. Wallace made his demands in the Dáil where he demanded that the government should legalise abortion.

Dana’s part in Aras race puts pro-life issue in focus

The entrance of Dana Rosemary Scallon as a candidate for the Presidency has certainly made abortion a key issue in the race for the Áras.

‘Your rights’ report is now discredited and exposed

The ‘Your Rights. Right Now’ report which caused so much controversy in the past week is just 11 pages long, with 16 pages of additional notes. An average of fewer than 13 people attended the public consultation meetings on the report. It makes very few recommendations, only 17 in total, yet one of those is given over to a demand for immediate action by the government to ensure abortion is legalised in Ireland. What kind of human rights advocates see the killing of children as an answer to anything? And who would endorse such a report?

The scandal of organ removal: Barbara Farnham’s story

Barbara Farnham can clearly remember the day in 1985 on which Patrick was born in the Rotunda Hospital. However, she didn’t get to see her little boy straight away because as the obstetrician revealed, her child was stillborn. He then requested her consent to conduct a post-mortem examination.