‘You Are What You Read’: Getting With The (Irish) Times

There is a beautiful café that I regularly go to where the coffee is good, the staff are friendly and the food is top notch. While there, I usually pick up whatever paper is available and have a good read through it. One of the papers regularly available is The Irish Times. Last week, 20th […]

Gosnell movie-maker puts reality at heart of abortion debate 

Irish filmmaker Ann McElhinney recently returned to Ireland with a powerful and direct message that is not heard often enough: the reality of abortion is both ugly and violent. Ms. McElhinney lives and works in California (with her husband and fellow filmmaker Phelim McAleer) but returned to Ireland to discuss her latest project – the […]

Huge media push for abortion fails to build grassroots support

Two months ago, up to 30,000 people brought Dublin to a standstill as crowds marched through the city-centre against abortion. The Rally for Life was led by people with disabilities advocating the theme that Every Life Matters, and it was a huge, colourful, upbeat celebration of Life. In contrast, the March for Choice, despite massive […]

The Irish Times & the ‘totally false’ abortion story

The inquiry has been held, and the Irish Times’ infamous ‘first Irish abortion’ story has been shown to be totally and utterly false. Journalist Paul Cullen and his employers at the national broadsheet have disgraced themselves, once again, by their decision to splash a piece of pro-abortion propaganda across the front pages in a cynical […]

Anatomy of a smear – the Irish Times abortion story that isn’t

Ed: The Irish Times have failed to answer questions raised about the claims and false suggestions made in a recent article on pro-life presentations in schools. Questions raised on twitter by commentator John McGuirk forced the Irish Times to admit that their suggestion smearing pro-life groups was false. He has an interesting take on the […]

Another epic fail from the Irish Times on abortion

What’s very clear from this new debacle caused by yet another bout of Irish Times misreporting is that the paper has lost all credibility when it comes to abortion. The incendiary suggestion was made by Peter McGuire in a lengthy article on pro-life presentations in schools. McGuire began the article with a provocative paragraph claiming […]

Abortion was cause of woman’s death in Rotunda: where are the Irish Times now?

Bimbo Onanuga died having suffered massive internal bleeding when her baby delivered into Ms Onanuga’s abdominal cavity after her womb ruptured. This was an horrific tragedy with abortion at its centre, yet there are no screaming headlines in the Irish Times, no shouts for justice from the national broadcaster, RTÉ, and no vigils arranged by […]

What Matercare International have to say on the management of septic inevitable abortion

I came across this statment by Matercare International and wanted to share it with you to add some much-needed balance to the hysteria in the national and international press demanding that Ireland legalise abortion in response to Savita Halappanavar’s death. A response to the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar MATERCARE INTERNATIONAL (MCI) Management of Second […]