Why looking to Northern Ireland ignores the reality of 8th being repealed

On Sunday, an RTE presenter posited this question: “How can you say the 8th amendment is necessary to prevent a UK style abortion regime, when Northern Ireland has banned abortions for years without the 8th amendment?” At its base we know that the experience of Ireland and Northern Ireland will diverge for a simple reason – our […]

The Eighth Amendment reflects some of Ireland’s deepest values

The Irish are a caring people; evidence of this is ample. The surge in homelessness has touched a nerve of compassion which has led to hands-on volunteering on the night-time streets of our cities and towns. Cork Simon, St Vincent de Paul Society and Share are household names which have lacked neither numbers nor support […]

Shifting the culture on abortion, door by door

At the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, we work to confront the culture with the truth about abortion every single day. We have large banners to reach commuters, hand-held educational displays to reach high school students and pedestrians, campus displays to reach university students, and postcards to reach everyone in possession of a mailbox. But […]

The loss of two lives is recognised by most people as a double tragedy

On St Stephen’s day the Irish High Court ruled that life-support could be withdrawn from a pregnant woman who had suffered a significant brain trauma and who been pronounced clinically dead three weeks earlier. The case had appeared before the court because doctors were concerned as to how the law should direct them in regard […]

Chile: When abortion was banned the number of illegal abortions fell

One of the most common accusations levelled against abortion restriction is the claim that if abortion is prohibited, a market for illegal unsafe “back alley” abortions will inevitably emerge.  Therefore, abortion proponents argue, if women are going to get abortions anyway, it is better that they do so legally.  While this argument has numerous flaws, […]

‘You don’t have to be pro-abortion to work here but it helps’

The Irish Times prides itself as being the paper of record. When it comes to abortion, however, the paper is now sounding more and more like a broken record. The opinions of its contributors are so predictable at this stage that it’s entirely possible that an Irish Times job spec contains the provision that ‘preference […]

Bringing Ireland Back to Life

Despite huge public opposition, and against the medical evidence of our best experts, Enda Kenny has forced through abortion legislation in Ireland. This law is an unjust law and has no moral authority. It will not stand. We will not let it stand. It has been a gruelling ten months, yet the pro-life movement is […]

SIPO: One law for pro-life and another for pro-aborts?

Every so often, one of the Irish media outlets will try to resurrect an entirely manufactured controversy about pro life groups not being registered with the political regulator, SIPO. To the interest of almost no-one at all, they will print column after column shrieking about various red herrings such as sources of funding. It’s all […]