HUMAN campaign to reach 1 million people

This month, we launched HUMAN, our powerful new initiative which aims to refocus the abortion debate by pointing out that the humanity, and the human rights, of the preborn child cannot be denied. The media, and a host of well-funded abortion campaigners, have done their best to frame the abortion debate so that the preborn […]

How Amnesty betrayed its members to push abortion

Amnesty International is currently putting enormous energy and resources into a pro-abortion campaign in Ireland, which is extremely one-sided and selective in its presentation of the facts. This campaign was launched despite the fact that the Irish section members of Amnesty International made it clear in the “consultation” of 2005-7 that they did not want […]

Why abortion is not a “reproductive right”

This week, my colleagues and volunteers and I are at the University of Central Florida, debating university students on abortion and making the case, through conversational apologetics and abortion victim photography, that abortion is a human rights violation. As the inevitable pro-abortion protestors began to show up with their hand-made signs, I noticed that one […]

Too much Power? Why we should be concerned about the referendum on Oireachtas enquiries

I do not often find myself in agreement with Peter Sutherland, but he and the seven other former attorneys general are correct in pointing out that the proposal in relation to Oireachtas inquiries will seriously weaken the right of individual citizens to protect their good name.

The Irish Government fails to protect the rights of the Irish at UN hearing

Yesterday morning, I began watching the UN hearing of Ireland’s Universal Periodic Review streaming live on the web from Geneva. Over the past seven months, I’ve been working with the Life Institute in researching and informing the pro-life community about the review and in analysing the UPR and the submissions that were made by individuals, groups, and organizations. So, the UPR hearing had been a long time coming and I was interested to see what would become of it.