Gosnell movie-maker puts reality at heart of abortion debate 

Irish filmmaker Ann McElhinney recently returned to Ireland with a powerful and direct message that is not heard often enough: the reality of abortion is both ugly and violent. Ms. McElhinney lives and works in California (with her husband and fellow filmmaker Phelim McAleer) but returned to Ireland to discuss her latest project – the […]

Through the window of an abortion clinic

I like exploring abandoned buildings, especially old houses, with their sagging floors, peeling wallpaper, and malevolently drooping staircases. But some abandoned places are creepier than others, because of what happened there—where the silence doesn’t seem to quite fit. That’s what an abandoned abortion clinic feels like. In April of last year, I travelled with one […]

The State ignored Gosnell

As new details come to light about Gosnell and the stomach churning horrors of his clinic, it becomes hard to ignore the fact that he operated a filthy, sub-standard “medical practice” in front of everyone’s eyes for some time. It seems impossible that no one within the city or state health department would have some […]

Safe abortion is a myth

Blogpost 4 of 5 on the Gosnell case   After a period of media silence relating to the Gosnell trial, the issue has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight with many different opinions coming from all sides of the abortion debate. Many pro-choice activist have made it crystal clear that the reason for Gosnell being […]

Media silence on the Gosnell Trial and how it was overcome

As one of the most horrific and historic trials began and continued for weeks against Doctor Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist accused of beheading babies born alive, the American mainstream media remained exceptionally silent and the story went virtually unreported by traditional news media. Finally, at the end of last week, two events helped bring Gosnell’s […]

Gruesome details emerge from abortionist’s trial

Blogpost 2 of 5 on the Gosnell case Bone chilling details continue to emerge from the trial regarding the “house of horrors” abortion clinic run by Doctor Kermit Gosnell, who has been accused of killing seven babies and one female patient. Over the past weeks, jurors have experienced the courtroom being transformed into the squalor […]