Catherine Noone’s tweet and the government’s failure to do their job instead of pushing abortion

Senator Catherine Noone, along with the majority of the present administration seem to have a confused interpretation of Terms of Reference that go with any particular job or role. Tweeting on Easter Sunday- presumably after the service had ended- the Senator was ‘disillusioned’ with the Catholic Church for, surprise surprise, enunciating Catholic teaching. For some […]

Stop the spin on Abortion, Coveney

Demonstrating what defenders of the 8th Amendment have been saying for months, Simon Coveney has shown that politicians cannot be trusted when it comes to abortion. An Tánaiste provided definitive proof that they neither have the ability or willingness to protect unborn life in any meaningful way if the 8th amendment to the Constitution is […]

A death sentence: how the Abortion Committee voted to legalise abortion

It comes as no surprise that the openly rigged and biased Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment has voted in favour of abortion on demand. It was a foregone conclusion, since the panel was stacked with pro-abortion politicians from the outset, and it heard almost exclusively from pro-abortion witnesses. The Committee was previously referred to […]

6 proofs the Citizens’ Assembly was a pro-abortion farce

The Assembly contrived by the government to help push a change in our abortion laws has voted in favour of abortion-on-demand, without almost any restrictions at all. But here’s 6 proofs that the Citizens’ Assembly was a pro-abortion farce from the beginning. 1. The outcome was predetermined. Before the Assembly met for the first time, […]

Citizens Assembly vote totally at odds with public opinion – but what matters now is what YOU do to win the referendum

No-one who has been following the charade that has been the Irish Citizens’ Assembly will be surprised that its members voted in favour of abortion on demand last weekend. This is a gathering which was sharply criticised for giving a platform to extremist abortion supporters, including an actual abortionist – Patricia Lohr from BPAS – […]

A quiet pro-life revolution is changing everything in the battle to Save the 8th

Sometimes you can feel a shift in public opinion before you see it in the polls. When you’re at the coalface of campaigning you can gauge it in the conversations and reactions of the people who matter – the ordinary, decent people who will vote on the 8th amendment in a referendum. These are the […]

Citizen’s Assembly speaker described abortions as ‘extremely gratifying’

Dear Citizens’ Assembly, As a pro-life feminist, I am rather bewildered by your invitations to “Doctors” Patricia Lohr and Gilda Sedgh (Hippocratic Oath, anyone?) to discuss abortion facts and stats around the world and how Ireland compares. Golly, they’re not trying to make us Irish look… backward and uneducated, are they? I do hope not. Lohr […]

Is the Assembly a farce designed to justify a vote on killing unborn babies?

Most of you won’t be surprised by any assertion that the Citizens’ Assembly is looking more and more like a farce – a farce designed to justify holding a vote on killing unborn babies. That’s not the fault of the 99 citizens which make up the Assembly, many of whom no doubt have pro-life views […]