Micheál Martin’s push for abortion on demand is a deeply cynical move

The Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin, is now seriously at odds with both the Parliamentary Party and the party membership in regard to abortion. Before Christmas, the Fianna Fáíl Ard Fheis voted against abortion by an 80% majority, while most of the party’s TDs and Senators are opposed to repealing the constitutional right to life […]

Election 2016 brings positive news for pro-life cause to #ProtectThe8th

Before Election 2016 was ever called, Labour’s Aodhán Ó Ríordáin declared that, if voters wanted abortion on demand legalised in Ireland, they were the boys to do it. His party then did their utmost to put abortion at the centre of the election. With ever-increasing stridency, they promised again and again to be the party […]

SIPO: One law for pro-life and another for pro-aborts?

Every so often, one of the Irish media outlets will try to resurrect an entirely manufactured controversy about pro life groups not being registered with the political regulator, SIPO. To the interest of almost no-one at all, they will print column after column shrieking about various red herrings such as sources of funding. It’s all […]

Sinister echoes: Ireland’s abortion bill tramples on conscience

Gabriel Doherty   It would require the wisdom of Solomon to select the single most objectionable provision from an ethical perspective from the mass of moral repugnances that is the abortion bill currently before the Oireachtas. There is, however, one that above all that carries with it historical overtones of the most disturbing sort: I […]

It’s the issue that unites the Irish for Life

For the past week, the Labour Party has become increasingly panicked, as it sees its support in the polls inexorably continue on a downward drift. Last November, Labour were riding high in polls, with 27% of voters expressing a preference for the party, which would have almost doubled its number of seats in the Dáil. Labour deputies were eager for an election and talked excitably about the prospect of Eamon Gilmore becoming Taoiseach.