Whose life is worth living? Assisted suicide draws a line

So it seems that suicide is now a medical service, and the debate in Canada has come and gone with barely a whisper. With the exception of a few newspaper columnists fretting here or there, the debate seems to have subsided before it really began. Those who oppose euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide now face the […]

First we killed our unborn children. Now we’re killing our own parents.

In a culture that elevates transient pleasure as a “value,” while reducing “value” itself to a subjective and utilitarian status, I suppose it should not be surprising that the worth of human beings is now constantly in question. We once lived in a culture that drafted laws to protect “dependents”: the very young, the very […]

UCC survey claims 60% of medical students favour euthanasia

An article in the Irish Times recently claimed that a survey showed almost 60% of medical students in University College Cork favoured euthanasia.

Killing Compassion

In recent times there have been numerous attempts to encourage the legalisation of euthanasia in a number of EU countries. Various emotive arguments are being used in an attempt to railroad this most murderous and undignified process into our culture and into our public hospitals. In Italy, not long after the death of Piergiorgio Welby, another high profile euthanasia case came to light.

Terri’s fight

Like with ‘the right to choose’, ‘the right to die with dignity’ is one of the many euphemisms that the profiteers of the pro-death lobby use to humanise an inhuman devaluation of human life. It is meant to sound like a simple acceptance of the wishes of a severely incapacitated human being.