Politicians in Stormont showed courage on abortion issue – we should ask the same of those seeking the Dáil

Two weeks ago, politicians in Stormont voted down two proposals to make abortion available in the north where the baby was either conceived by sexual assault or had a severe disability – a so-called ‘fatal, foetal abnormality’. The measures were decisively defeated. The proposal to allow abortion where a baby has a severe disability was […]

Obscenity of Minister for Children calling for abortion

In the past week we’ve seen the Minister for Children, James Reilly, call for the liberalisation of Ireland’s abortion laws. In particular, the Fine Gael Minister proposed that abortion should be legalised for children who have a severe disability. There is something profoundly messed-up about this scenario. That a Minister whose designated role is primarily […]

We don’t need a new Proclamation, just a renewed desire to cherish all the children

It’s pretty clear now that, in the next twelve months and beyond, it will be up to the people to really commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. The increasingly craven pronouncements by Fine Gael on the Rising suggests their intention is to host some sort of a cringing apology for the […]

Abortion law has now left a child struggling for life in a NICU

ENDA KENNY’S ABORTION law has fallen at the first hurdle, and has left a tiny baby, born to a vulnerable and distressed mother, struggling for life in a neo-natal ICU. This is an appalling situation, and the compassionate support required for the young woman involved was complicated, not assisted, by the abortion legislation which has […]

False piety only underlines what the Abortion Party has done

Three weeks before a major Irish election, an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny popped over to Rome to attend the canonisation of Saint John Paul II. He then flew back home to make a big media splash about the invitation he had given to Pope Francis to visit Ireland. This was Kenny playing the Catholic card, and […]

Bringing Ireland Back to Life

Despite huge public opposition, and against the medical evidence of our best experts, Enda Kenny has forced through abortion legislation in Ireland. This law is an unjust law and has no moral authority. It will not stand. We will not let it stand. It has been a gruelling ten months, yet the pro-life movement is […]

How to legalise abortion with lies, bullying, ignorance and stealth

1. Get Planned Parenthood to take a dubious court case to Europe and pay for it with Irish taxes. This is what kicked it all off; ABC v Ireland at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The court ruled in favour of ‘C’, a cancer patient who said she was unclear whether she could […]

What I Saw at the Largest Pro-Life Rally in Irish History this Week

Ireland truly is a light to the world. The foundation of the country is steeped in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and it is one of the last remaining countries in the world to uphold a ban on abortion. But recently the Irish government began moving forward plans to dismantle the protection of the […]