The facts get in the way when Harris and others try to bury the evidence on abortion and Down Syndrome

  The political and intellectual dishonesty about abortion has to stop. Pro-choice politicians and commentators repeatedly call for a calm and respectful debate but have no intention of abiding by their own rules of the game. Most egregious are the positions being presented in relation to the debate on abortion and Down syndrome in Ireland. […]

Let love shine through: what we can learn from #WorldWithoutDowns

In Sally Phillip’s profoundly moving and often joyous documentary, ‘A World Without Down Syndrome’, there is an especially poignant scene with Halldóra Jónsdóttir,  a beautiful and accomplished young woman living with Down Syndrome in Iceland. Halldóra had written an article defending her right to life – justifying her very existence – because children with Down Syndrome […]

How the World Sees People with Down Syndrome – and How They See Themselves

The new public service announcement, “How Do You See Me?,” featuring actress Olivia Wilde, showcases the reality of how people living with Down Syndrome see themselves differently than the world sees them. The video spot, created by Italian organization CoorDown, seeks to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and challenge the public’s perception of people living […]

Number of babies with Down Syndrome aborted in UK twice the number recorded

The number of abortions performed in the UK on mothers carrying babies with Down’s Syndrome looks to be far higher than previously thought according to a recent report by the UK Department of Health. The same report found that UK abortion doctors are breaking the law by not keeping proper records and documenting the correct […]

Cork clinic just tip of iceberg in targeting unborn with disabilities

The Irish Times has reported that several Irish fertility clinics wish to offer genetic screening of human embryos in order to prevent the birth of children with disabilities, including those with Downs Syndrome and cystic fibrosis.

He colours my life

I am the mother of a beautiful boy with Down’s Syndrome who was born three weeks early (in The Shelbourne Hotel, as I was told 1 hour 20 mins previously by the National Maternity Hospital that I was not in labour, but that is another story!) My reason for writing this is because society now […]