Whose life is worth living? Assisted suicide draws a line

So it seems that suicide is now a medical service, and the debate in Canada has come and gone with barely a whisper. With the exception of a few newspaper columnists fretting here or there, the debate seems to have subsided before it really began. Those who oppose euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide now face the […]

Abortion was cause of woman’s death in Rotunda: where are the Irish Times now?

Bimbo Onanuga died having suffered massive internal bleeding when her baby delivered into Ms Onanuga’s abdominal cavity after her womb ruptured. This was an horrific tragedy with abortion at its centre, yet there are no screaming headlines in the Irish Times, no shouts for justice from the national broadcaster, RTÉ, and no vigils arranged by […]

Alive and kicking: Babies with a fatal diagnosis also have a right to life

“These days, ultrasound scans give an unprecedented window to the womb. It’s pretty amazing for parents to see their baby moving and growing as she or he comes to birth.

But this technology also allows us to see when something is wrong with baby, and, on rare occasions, disorders such as anencephaly or Trisomy 18 show up on the ultrasound. This can mean that baby won’t live for long after birth – though there are some truly astonishing and wonderful exceptions – or that he or she might not make it to birth at all.”

“and if you ever need me, call me, i’ll come runnin”

I stood in front of a clinic this morning. Been standing in front of it almost every Saturday for two months. Praying. Chatting. Waiting. It’s the New Woman All Women clinic in downtown Birmingham, and it’s been a place of true hostility for me this year. A place where I am acutely aware of the […]

COMMENT: Why did RTE give Nitschke a platform to promote suicide

Philip Nitschke is an incurable attention-seeker – traversing the globe with an array of bizarre machinery, attracting more media than members to his grisly workshops and making increasingly dreadful pronouncements promoting suicide. But there is nothing eccentric or fatuous about Nitschke’s cause, and his crusade is both dangerous and misleading. The Australian is an enthusiastic […]

Killing Compassion

In recent times there have been numerous attempts to encourage the legalisation of euthanasia in a number of EU countries. Various emotive arguments are being used in an attempt to railroad this most murderous and undignified process into our culture and into our public hospitals. In Italy, not long after the death of Piergiorgio Welby, another high profile euthanasia case came to light.

Terri’s fight

Like with ‘the right to choose’, ‘the right to die with dignity’ is one of the many euphemisms that the profiteers of the pro-death lobby use to humanise an inhuman devaluation of human life. It is meant to sound like a simple acceptance of the wishes of a severely incapacitated human being.

The scandal of organ removal: Barbara Farnham’s story

Barbara Farnham can clearly remember the day in 1985 on which Patrick was born in the Rotunda Hospital. However, she didn’t get to see her little boy straight away because as the obstetrician revealed, her child was stillborn. He then requested her consent to conduct a post-mortem examination.