Is Howlin’s bill only targeting  pro-life counselling?

Labour leader, Brendan Howlin has brought a Private Members Bill – The Health and Social Care Professionals (Amendment) Bill 2016 – before the Dáil which aims, he says, to  regulate what the media likes to describe as ‘rogue’ crisis pregnancy agencies. During the discussion around the Bill in the Dáil, however, it was perfectly clear, […]

SAFE HAVEN: Give this new life a future

On Wednesday, 25th. November 2015, various media outlets carried news of the discovery of a new-born baby in the manger of the Christmas crib in the Holy Child Jesus Catholic church in New York city[1]. Under New York state law, a parent may abandon a newborn anonymously at certain designated safe locations, such as a […]

Why are socialist politicians so fixated on abortion – and aborting the poor?

Why are socialist politicians so fixated on abortion, and on using medieval solutions to alleviate crisis pregnancies? It seems to be a world-wide phenomenon, this high-handed view that the children of disadvantaged women are better off dead, and that violence is the solution to the difficulties women face around pregnancy. It actually doesn’t make any […]

Lack of maternity resources for women in crisis is a real concern

The lack of support for women who experience mental illness during or after pregnancy in Ireland should now be a matter of serious concern. While greater attention is welcome in regards to access for care, much of the discussion in recent times has been towards regarding abortion as a solution for women who are pregnant […]

Tuam babies deserve truth and justice, not cynical exploitation

Last week, I wrote that a full inquiry should be immediately undertaken in relation to the death and burial of children in mother and baby homes. The announcement that a Commission of Investigation will now be established, and will examine burials and rates of child and infant mortality, as well as investigating the nature of […]

Abortion for Reality TV? It’s a woman’s Right to Choose

Recently, a ‘reality star’ in the UK caused consternation when she announced that she was going to abort her 17-week old unborn baby in order to ‘become famous’. Josie Cunningham has since, thankfully, changed her mind because she felt her unborn baby kicking, but most of the furore surrounding her interview missed the point. The […]

Gimme Shelter and the Choices We Make

Every day we make choices. Some choices don’t really affect anything in our lives, while others have the capacity to shift our life in a whole new direction Gimme Shelter is all about the choices we make. The film starts off with Vanessa Hudgens standing in a bathroom, chopping off her hair saying, “I’m not […]

Making money from women hurt by abortion

It’s the slickest business model possible, and it’s making millions from women hurt by abortion. This is the kind of crass exploitation and profiteering that would usually cause an outcry in the media. If this was big tobacco doing a sideline in cancer treatment there would rightly be consternation. But this is abortion, and we […]