“with my mind stayed on freedom, hallelu, hallelu”

Something significant happened in Selma today. Something that the news didn’t cover and that, maybe, even our own press release didn’t articulate. If you’d driven past Central Alabama Women’s Clinic today around 11:00 AM, you would have seen a small group of people gathered on the corner near the building. A couple of news cameras […]

Safe abortion is a myth

Blogpost 4 of 5 on the Gosnell case   After a period of media silence relating to the Gosnell trial, the issue has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight with many different opinions coming from all sides of the abortion debate. Many pro-choice activist have made it crystal clear that the reason for Gosnell being […]

Free advertising: RTE promote Marie Stopes Belfast clinic

No other industry in the world gets as much free publicity from the sycophantic media as the abortion industry, and yesterday the Irish media outdid themselves.

Cork clinic just tip of iceberg in targeting unborn with disabilities

The Irish Times has reported that several Irish fertility clinics wish to offer genetic screening of human embryos in order to prevent the birth of children with disabilities, including those with Downs Syndrome and cystic fibrosis.

“and if you ever need me, call me, i’ll come runnin”

I stood in front of a clinic this morning. Been standing in front of it almost every Saturday for two months. Praying. Chatting. Waiting. It’s the New Woman All Women clinic in downtown Birmingham, and it’s been a place of true hostility for me this year. A place where I am acutely aware of the […]

The perverse morality that facilitated Gosnell’s house of horror also has Ireland in its sights

It takes a particularly horrific crime to make a US District Attorney describe the scene of the felony as a ‘house of horrors’. But, given what has now emerged about the carnage that took place in Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic, it seems that the DA, Seth Williams, may actually have been restrained in his choice […]