Huge media push for abortion fails to build grassroots support

Two months ago, up to 30,000 people brought Dublin to a standstill as crowds marched through the city-centre against abortion. The Rally for Life was led by people with disabilities advocating the theme that Every Life Matters, and it was a huge, colourful, upbeat celebration of Life. In contrast, the March for Choice, despite massive […]

Why are socialist politicians so fixated on abortion – and aborting the poor?

Why are socialist politicians so fixated on abortion, and on using medieval solutions to alleviate crisis pregnancies? It seems to be a world-wide phenomenon, this high-handed view that the children of disadvantaged women are better off dead, and that violence is the solution to the difficulties women face around pregnancy. It actually doesn’t make any […]

Abortion Bill would lock up pro-life counsellors: allow abortion without consent

Barrister Joanna Higgins has produced an excellent analysis of the Medical Termination Bill being brought before the Dáil next week by Clare Daly, Mick Wallace and other abortion supporters.

At the pro-abortion Action on X meeting: Part II: Pro-aborts’ plans for Ireland

In my last blog post, I made it clear that I, as a pro-life man, would concentrate on the male and pro-life contributions to the Action on X Public Meeting in Dublin’s Gresham Hotel. In this next instalment, I’m afraid that I’ll be dissenting from fundamentalist feminist and abortion absolutist dogma by focusing on the female ‘pro-choice’ interventions of the evening. As much as it, no doubt, disgusts my fanatical feminist friends, the main woman in my life, my mother, respected my right to be born and brought me into this world . As such, I have a say on all matters which pertain to the free, open, democratic society in which we live.

At the pro-abortion Action on X meeting: rants and one magical moment

As a prelude to my Lenten penance, last Tuesday evening I attended the widely advertised Action on X Public Meeting in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin’s city centre. The significance of what was said at the meeting for pro-lifers such as myself cannot be condensed and conveyed in one succinct blog post. Therefore, for the purposes of this first part, I, as a pro-life male, will focus on the male interventions and the one magical pro-life moment at the meeting. This, I am sure, is all I am fit for in the eyes of the feminist fundamentalists and abortion absolutists who were running the show.

Wallace abortion call exposes rank hypocrisy of ‘pro-choice’ campaigners

Last week, Youth Defence broke the news that Mick Wallace, the Wexford TD, had made a strident call for abortion to be legalised in Ireland. Wallace made his demands in the Dáil where he demanded that the government should legalise abortion.