Vincent Browne, the C case, and the ongoing abortion cover up

Last week I was a guest on the popular TV3 programme, Tonight with Vincent Browne, to discuss Ireland’s pro-life laws, and the potential rift arising in the government on the abortion issue. Abortion campaigners have spent the last two months growing ever more apoplectic at the efficacy of the advertising campaign produced by Life Institute/Youth […]

The Pro-Abortion Action Plan: Ambush, then run away… Fast!

Last weekend, while I was taking part in a street information session regarding the issue of abortion, I was struck by an experience that I had in connection with a woman passing by on the busy streets of Dublin. I was standing in front of the GPO on O’Connell St passing out pro-life leaflets with […]

Where are all the Men?

Several weeks ago, one of my friends from Vancouver contacted me to ask for advice. A girl she knew was planning to have an abortion, and my friend needed advice on what to say. Over the next two weeks, I and another one of my pro-life friends from Vancouver, attempted to help her in convincing this young woman not to abort her child.

Deadly secrets: The link between breast cancer and abortion

The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled in favour of applicant “C” – one of the three applicants in the ABC case – claiming that Ireland’s pro-life laws put women’s lives in danger. But, what if the opposite is actually true?

Rights and Wrongs of Property tax

It was suggested a few weeks ago by a government sponsored body that the vacuum in government revenue created by the collapse of property transactions and the consequent lack of stamp duty should be made up for by the introduction of a property tax to be paid for by all property owners.

Unethical and illegal – the ICB’s plans for the embryo

Recently the tax-payer funded Irish Council for Bioethics called for legislation for destructive embryonic stem-cell research. They did this despite the fact that, by their own admission, upwards of seventy percent of submissions opposed such a move. Amazingly what none of the media covering publication of the report failed to mention is the fact that such legislation would be totally and utterly illegal.