#twowomentravel But the media ignored the baby that never came home

Last week, two huge abortion stories broke which should have been of major interest to the Irish media. Firstly there were the revelations – uncovered  by investigative journalist Kevin Jones – that a U.S. billionaire, George Soros, was secretly funding Irish abortion campaigners, with the specific aim of repealing the constitutional right to life of […]

Hysterics over repeal the 8th mural reveals deluded thinking of abortion campaigners

Three weeks ago a taxpayer-funded arts centre decided to join the political campaign to repeal the 8th amendment when it displayed a large pro-abortion mural in its Temple Bar headquarters. According to its audited accounts the Projects Arts Centre received more than a whopping €800,000 of your taxes and mine in 2013, and they have […]

Volkswagen should distance themselves from Ray D’Arcy’s pro-abortion agenda

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has found that the Ray D’Arcy Show, RTÉ’s afternoon radio programme, was biased in favour of abortion on June 9th of this year when it interviewed Colm O’Gorman of Amnesty Ireland. The BAI upheld a total of 5 complaints against the show, either in full or in part, a […]

Why Amnesty’s pro-abortion video with Liam Neeson got such a massive thumbs down from the public

Well now, this is embarrassing. Amnesty’s pro-abortion video, featuring a voiceover from megastar Liam Neeson, has got a massive thumbs down from the public. It’s pretty much a wipe-out, with four times as many people disliking the video than liking it. For obvious reasons, Amnesty stopped allowing comments on the video – titled Chains – […]

Amnesty’s campaign is dishonest – and seeks to protect abortionists

Despite the increase in dreadful human rights abuses taking place throughout the world, Amnesty International is, yet again, focusing its energies and resources on legalising abortion. Amnesty Ireland, buoyed by millions of dollars coming from the US, is spending huge money on its push to have abortion made more widely available, commissioning expensive reports and […]

Expose Amnesty’s support for the human rights abuse that is abortion

You can’t claim to be a human rights protector and then insist that lives of innocent children can be brutally ended. To its shame, and the dismay of many of its supporters, Amnesty International is pouring its vast resources into a global campaign to demand that Ireland legalise abortion. Amnesty Ireland want abortion-on-demand made legal, […]