“with my mind stayed on freedom, hallelu, hallelu”

Something significant happened in Selma today. Something that the news didn’t cover and that, maybe, even our own press release didn’t articulate. If you’d driven past Central Alabama Women’s Clinic today around 11:00 AM, you would have seen a small group of people gathered on the corner near the building. A couple of news cameras […]

An open letter to Judge Myron Thompson, regarding violence, truth, and the overuse of pseudonyms

An open letter from Sarah Howell to Judge Thompson Dear Judge Myron Thompson, I believe it would be a gross understatement to say that I found your recent ruling on the Planned Parenthood vs. Governor Bentley case unsettling. Not just a portion of the ruling, but the entire thing – all 172 long pages, each […]

Through the window of an abortion clinic

I like exploring abandoned buildings, especially old houses, with their sagging floors, peeling wallpaper, and malevolently drooping staircases. But some abandoned places are creepier than others, because of what happened there—where the silence doesn’t seem to quite fit. That’s what an abandoned abortion clinic feels like. In April of last year, I travelled with one […]

Having foetus dreams

I first heard of “abortion dreams” in university, in one of the first accounts of abortion I ever read. It was an essay published in a Norton anthology I had to purchase for one of my first university English courses, published in Harper’s Magazine in October 1990 by a nurse named Sallie Tisdale. It is […]

What motivates a late-term abortionist? ‘After Tiller’ gives us a glimpse

  On May 31, 2009, late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller was shot by a mentally disturbed convicted felon named Scott Roeder. The darkness of late-term abortion and infanticide was met with the darkness of murder. In the aftermath, condemnations and accusations abounded as activists, talking heads, and politicians argued about who, exactly, had more blood […]

If it weren’t for all those pesky protestors

I recently attended the federal bench trial, Planned Parenthood Southeast Inc., et al v. Robert Bentley et al, in Montgomery, Alabama. Planned Parenthood is suing the state for passing a new regulation that requires all abortionists to obtain hospital privileges local to the clinics at which they perform procedures. This is how it went down… […]

Counting the Corpses: A Look Inside the World of Abortion Pathology

Editor’s Note: I’ve retained the original spelling and grammar of the posts for accuracy, so all mistakes belong to the original posters. One of the most convenient things about abortion is that it takes care of the perceived “problem” in a permanent way—people walk into the abortion clinic with a child growing inside them, and […]

It requires some cheerfulness to continue in revolt

What would a world without abortion look like? I ask myself that sometimes, on the days that I’m not scrambling to prepare a press release, or writing content for websites and newsletters, or standing on a sidewalk praying for the women that I know will walk into a building right in front of me, pregnant […]