Bully tactics from Harris on abortion may backfire

Any neutral commentator would have to conclude that Simon Harris is doing a terrible job as Minister for Health. The Health Service is in chaos, and despite his much-vaunted promises, the Minister  has utterly failed to improve the appalling numbers of people on waiting lists for essential services, or left lying on trollies in overcrowded hospitals. Doctors […]

Quadruple Jeopardy for the Unborn Child

The proposed change to the Constitution – to be voted on the 25th of May – will mean that the 8th Amendment, which protects the life of the unborn with due regard to the life of the mother, will be replaced with a statement that says: “Provision may be made by law for the regulation […]

‘Where have all the good men gone?’

Our current environment is taking aim at men who engage in and then do not take responsibility for sexually inappropriate behaviour.  While people may disagree on what is and isn’t ‘sexually appropriate’ behaviour I believe that attempts to address this issue are something people that are pro-life and pro-abortion can agree on. I think that […]

Maternal care will radically change if right to life is repealed

The Government is on the back foot on the 8th Amendment. Their aim is now to gain repeal at any cost. Politically, it has put its neck on the line, and this is being seen as win or bust- for Leo’s tenure and Simon’s political future. Thus, they have to do whatever they feel will […]

Abortion not a better answer to failures of the past

In explaining his Damascene conversion on the road to the almost certain referendum on the 8th Amendment to the Constitution Simon Harris attempts his best Enda Kenny impression of creating an epoch-defining moment where modern Ireland repudiates its unwanted past. Minister Harris attempts to frame the debate as one where those in favour of a […]

7 consequences of abortion in the UK that could occur in Ireland

It’s easy to claim that legalising abortion is the answer to women’s difficulties. Abortion is frequently presented as a simple and personal choice, but it’s not as simple as all that. Legalised abortion has a knock-on effect for everyone in society, not just for women with a crisis pregnancy. It’s something that Ireland has to […]

Micheál Martin’s push for abortion on demand is a deeply cynical move

The Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin, is now seriously at odds with both the Parliamentary Party and the party membership in regard to abortion. Before Christmas, the Fianna Fáíl Ard Fheis voted against abortion by an 80% majority, while most of the party’s TDs and Senators are opposed to repealing the constitutional right to life […]

The crackdown on pro-life activism in the UK

Ed Condon rightly notes that ‘the real reason for the sudden crackdown on vocal opposition to abortion’, exemplified by the ‘buffer zone’ campaign, is that ‘it is changing minds’; thanks to pro-life vigils the numbers of abortions are declining (Catholic Herald, January 21, 2018). This is bad news for BPAS and Marie Stopes, beset by scandals involving […]