“Doubt is Our Product”

In 2008, David Michaels published his book, Doubt is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Threatens Your Health. The title of the book references an infamous 1969 memo sent by an executive at Brown & Williamson tobacco which was in turn owned by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The original quote is as follows: […]

Rhona Mahony shamefully targets babies with a disability in abortion call

A friend of mine attended Holles Street maternity hospital where she gave birth to a beautiful little girl with a life-limiting condition. The baby girl  knew nothing but love until she passed away in her mother’s arms just hours later. My friend said Rhona Mahony was her doctor at that time, and she felt that […]

Not in My Name! Why I am against the repeal of the 8th amendment

  I expect that most people know the Eight Amendment in the Irish Constitution which gives equal protection to mothers and their unborn children is under attack. Signed submissions to the Citizen´s Assembly [i] were accepted from the 14 October to the 16 December 2016. When I discovered that Irish citizens living abroad were also […]

The Faux Feminism of the “Repeal Eight” hypocrites

An open letter to Ailbhe Smyth and the “Repeal the Eight” Feminist wannabes, I see you have invited abortion provider Ann Furedi to Dublin for a chat on the theme of: ‘Abortion and how to help us navigate the Irish Catholic misogynist oppressive laws’. Or something ‘original’ like that. I am amazed at your hypocrisy […]

Fact checking the Journal’s fact checker on abortion

This week, the Journal ran a fact-check on the 20-page information booklet from the Life Institute used in the Life Canvass, and, much to the chagrin of abortion supporters, they didn’t find one false statement in it. The piece attracted a lot of comments from readers who were shocked to learn that 1 in every […]

Gosnell movie-maker puts reality at heart of abortion debate 

Irish filmmaker Ann McElhinney recently returned to Ireland with a powerful and direct message that is not heard often enough: the reality of abortion is both ugly and violent. Ms. McElhinney lives and works in California (with her husband and fellow filmmaker Phelim McAleer) but returned to Ireland to discuss her latest project – the […]

Amnesty and Abortion: When moral wrongs are politically correct

Have you all seen the new Amnesty ad? Take a look! It’s called: ‘Chains’ I have to commend Amnesty. They hired some great crew to get this just spot on. Its not overly dramatic or Hollywoodised. The cinematic effects are so subtle that really it’s just one of those little productions where the facts are […]

The abortion debate: Quitting Semantic Gymnastics

There’s a lot going round at the moment regarding abortion. In some ways, it is never far from the surface, either because some people are demanding more of it or others are demanding less of it. Its not an argument that lends itself to moderation or compromise. We had the situation of Savita Halappanavar here […]