According to pro-aborts, even pictures of babies in the womb are “graphic images”

Pro-lifers uncomfortable with most forms of educational outreach often pinpoint their discomfort very specifically on one thing: Abortion victim photography makes people upset. There are a variety of responses to this, of course—images of abortion victims should make us upset, because little human beings are being physically torn limb from limb. But often, I point […]

‘Witches for abortion’ and other abortion bus madness

I wondered this week if we had reached peak repeal madness when the self-described ‘witches for abortion’ came out to meet the fake abortion pill bus in Cork. But we can probably all be quietly confident that, trapped as they are in a deluded bubble where fawning media coverage is always guaranteed, abortion campaigners will […]

The Planned Parenthood videos have ended the debate over graphic abortion images

When General George S. Patton began to discover barb-wire camps full of dead, dying, skeletal people in 1945, it moved him like nothing in years of blood-stained warfare had. Patton began rounding up German civilians—not to execute them in revenge, but to walk them through the camps, so that they could lay their eyes on […]

History’s greatest social reformers weren’t ‘nice.’ Pro-lifers shouldn’t be either.

If there’s any word I’ve grown to hate during my years of pro-life work, it’s the word “nice.” We must be “nice,” people urge us. If we are not “nice,” our activism and our outreach will fail. If we are not “nice,” then no one will change their minds on abortion or listen to us. […]

Remembering the first time I debated abortion

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the argument: “We shouldn’t show pictures of abortion victims because it will hurt post-abortive women!” I resent that argument for quite a few reasons. First of all, it ignores the many post-abortive women who have joined us on the streets, courageously using their stories to help […]

Fear and loathing in the abortion wars

“You should have been aborted.” Of all the random insults tossed at pro-lifers, this is probably the most frequent, tiresome, and predictable. When faced with people who say we shouldn’t kill other, inconvenient people, the knee-jerk reaction of these winsome ambassadors of Third Wave Feminism is to find that inconvenient, and suggest you should have […]