Citizens Assembly vote totally at odds with public opinion – but what matters now is what YOU do to win the referendum

No-one who has been following the charade that has been the Irish Citizens’ Assembly will be surprised that its members voted in favour of abortion on demand last weekend. This is a gathering which was sharply criticised for giving a platform to extremist abortion supporters, including an actual abortionist – Patricia Lohr from BPAS – […]

Huge media push for abortion fails to build grassroots support

Two months ago, up to 30,000 people brought Dublin to a standstill as crowds marched through the city-centre against abortion. The Rally for Life was led by people with disabilities advocating the theme that Every Life Matters, and it was a huge, colourful, upbeat celebration of Life. In contrast, the March for Choice, despite massive […]

There’s a baby fighting for life in an ICU, and these people want him dead

Who could possibly not feel anything but enormous compassion for a tiny baby boy born at just 25 weeks gestation and fighting for life in intensive care? His tiny lungs will be struggling to catch breath, his fragile body filled with tubes, and he may be left with a host of problems including brain damage, […]

Abortion law has now left a child struggling for life in a NICU

ENDA KENNY’S ABORTION law has fallen at the first hurdle, and has left a tiny baby, born to a vulnerable and distressed mother, struggling for life in a neo-natal ICU. This is an appalling situation, and the compassionate support required for the young woman involved was complicated, not assisted, by the abortion legislation which has […]

Bringing Ireland Back to Life

Despite huge public opposition, and against the medical evidence of our best experts, Enda Kenny has forced through abortion legislation in Ireland. This law is an unjust law and has no moral authority. It will not stand. We will not let it stand. It has been a gruelling ten months, yet the pro-life movement is […]

What I Saw at the Largest Pro-Life Rally in Irish History this Week

Ireland truly is a light to the world. The foundation of the country is steeped in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and it is one of the last remaining countries in the world to uphold a ban on abortion. But recently the Irish government began moving forward plans to dismantle the protection of the […]

Sinister echoes: Ireland’s abortion bill tramples on conscience

Gabriel Doherty   It would require the wisdom of Solomon to select the single most objectionable provision from an ethical perspective from the mass of moral repugnances that is the abortion bill currently before the Oireachtas. There is, however, one that above all that carries with it historical overtones of the most disturbing sort: I […]

Kill the Bill. Not the Child.

READ THE BILL HERE A Bill has been published by the government (June 13 2013) which would allow abortions to take place in Ireland for the first time. It’s name – Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill – is a misnomer, since this Bill is primarily about legalising the deliberate killing of unborn children. There […]